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fuel fire desire
December 10, 2015, 16:28
Coming from AR's into the FAL world I missed being able to do fast mag changes like I had been able to do before with my 3 gun stuff. The standard release on my particular FAL was hard to access with the trigger finger, hard to find quickly, and very stiff once found after stabbing at it until my finger was sore from hitting the sharp corner of the receiver. I needed a new release, thought one up in my head, and found that SloCat made exactly what I had envisioned right down to the checkering.

The rifle it was installed into was a new production DSA SA58 Tactical Carbine.

Compared to the standard DSA produced part it is of MUCH higher quality. Not just in how it was made (machined vs cast), but also in the finishing quality. Edges that you expect to be tooling-like sharp are exactly so, edges you'd like to see beveled are exactly so, and the checkering is just as aggressive and sharp as you'd want without being a cheese grader to your finger.





You can see in the before/ after comparisons how much of a difference it makes in size and ergonomics. It is significantly larger, but does not interfere with normal operation/ manual of arms at all, and I have yet to have an accidental activation even with moving and carrying the rifle around on my back and chest with a 3 point.






I would say that the part dropped right in and worked right out of the box, but it did not. Not that I was entirely expecting it to, since there are so many different versions of the metric FAL out there. The issue I encountered was that I could not depress the lever enough once installed to release the magazine. It came up maybe thirty thousandths short of letting the mag go. What I determined the problem to be, is that the return spring was becoming fully compressed with the coils binding before the mag would release, inhibiting any further movement of the lever. So either the spring retention hole was drilled too shallow, or my particular return spring was too long......either can be at fault. All that needed to be done was to cut off 2 and 1/2 coils from the spring to allow an additional forty or so thousandths of movement to release the mag.

After fitment, magazines fall free with just a depression of the lever like an AR. That is something I could not do with the original release (I couldn't press it in far enough with my trigger finger to do it). The increased size, length, and beef of the new mount make it not only possible, but easy to do. Traditional off hand reloads are faster, easier, and more comfortable as well.

10/10 for SlowCat's product. It has exceeded my expectations of both quality and function. Well worth the asking price.

December 10, 2015, 16:37
Is slow cat making these? Or is he just checkering the FSE unit like I do?

(wish he'd round that sharp point!)

The installation problem you are having is probably your ejector block. DSA in particular, the internal clearance is a little off.

Quick solution is to slightly file the back of the catch, right at the transifion between the paddle and the vertical, below the axle hole. Take the two side ridges down to almost flush.

fuel fire desire
December 10, 2015, 16:39
Is slow cat making these? Or is he just checkering the FSE unit like I do?

(wish he'd round that sharp point!)

Checkering FSE's

I didn't know you made them too. Could you post a link?