View Full Version : Initeresting firing pin issue.

November 06, 2015, 13:52
So my son is firing a SGL Saiga of mine and complains of very painful trigger slap. Not every round, but sometimes. Not having enough time to shoot it myself, I took it out to the range the next week. After about 5 rounds, trigger slap. Then light primer strikes. Then I hear a "ping" and nothing else. The bolt did not want to retract. Applying quiter a bit more force than normal made it come on back. The firing pin proceeded to fall out of the mag well. It was nicely bent.

The odd thing is the stake pin in the bolt holding it in place was still there, perfectly flush. Upon driving the pin out, I saw that there was a section piece missing near the end (but not at the end), over about 20% of it's length. In other words, the pin had a narrow area about 20% of it's length. There weren't enough marks on the firing pin to indicate it had sawed into the stake pin.

I concluded Olga put in a bad pin and the firing pin eventually bent it's way around it, allowing it to come out.