View Full Version : Did I do OK on picking this m14 kit up?

October 29, 2015, 19:46

I think there are a few lesser parts missing as far as barrel components and it is does seem to be missing the rear sight assembly. For the most part it is complete(I think?) and if that barrel is in good shape :angel:

Just stumbled on it out on GB...Did I do Ok?

John Crusher
October 29, 2015, 20:17
Most likely a Chinese Bolt but you've definetly got a good start if the barrel is good. I'd of spent the $ myself on it.

October 29, 2015, 22:27
Good M-14 barrels go for around $200 -> 250. EXCELLENT '14 barrels go for $350+. A complete, useful, serviceable , not too worn or "ruined"-by-some-dilbert-trying-to-make-it-like-a-NM trigger assembly is $250 +. Serviceable GI op-rods are >$200. The bolt is most likely Chinee like the other poster said said, so it could be $30->75, but it has to be serviceable. Stocks with hardware (and that one look like someone "refinished" it are $50 on up, or could be ruined if the "refinisher" sanded too much off, especially if they ground it with a belt sander. No amount of varnish can replace missing wood. Handguards = $10 -15. Flash suppressors, $75 on up. Serviceable gas systems, complete; $100+. Other parts, varies, but still expensive when added up.

So yeah, overall you did well IF AND MEAN FUGGIN' IF, the parts are within spec. If not, well, you will be spending time, money and patience on more parts. Plus, get your money ready for THE man who can assemble that rifle into a safe reliable, accurate M-14 clone that will shoot the way God had intended it to be. That means, he has to be a GENUINE M-14 gunsmith and not just some clown with a bunch of tools and who likes to butcher steel and wood. There are many nationwide who can build a quality M-14 for you, but not come onto them with a "dotcom-drivethru' mentality that plagues so many Americans today. Real gunsmithing a GI semi-auto is an art form and takes time and patience.

Welcome aboard. It may take a while before you become a Certified Member of the M-14 Cult, if you want to enter. It will be for you to decide how much of your money, time, energy and patience you will be willing to sacrifice to the Last Wood and Steel Warrior. If you throw in the shop rag and buy an AR-10, I won't blame you, especially if it is an LMT or SIG716.


October 29, 2015, 23:00
Thanks for all the info. I figured some of the parts are going to be crap. That is always the risk with any parts kit I guess purchased at auction. If that bolt is Chinese it will be replaced with a H&R original if I can find one out there. A little bummed on the bolt but hopefully the rest of the parts are GTG.

As for the AR10..have one in the barn already. Assembled that a while back, it is a fun platform to shoot but it lacks that classical touch. I have a few COM-BlOCK counterparts to the NATO family too. Have wanted to pick up an M14 for a long while now. Missed the kits CMP had a while back. Those were a bit of a tossed salad as far as parts as I recall. I dont think they were complete either. They were $500 and then you had to buy the stock which was another $75...This could be one of those kits. Hard to know for sure.

I am in for the penny, in for the pound at this point I think on this deal.:tongue: