View Full Version : Midwest Industries Universal Handguard?

October 21, 2015, 20:43
Anybody have any experience with these? Do you like it? Not like it?

M-Lok vs regular rail system?

If you were going to mount an IR laser would the MI handguard thingy be a decent mounting system? I am thinking if it was mounted on the bottom rail? (Or would the side rail be better?) Does the MI handguard tend to shift from firing?

I thought about the Ultimak but I am not sure I want to put a laser right on the gas tube... seems like a thermal disaster waiting to happen?

November 06, 2015, 01:33
The MI handguard is nice. It mounts on a block that clamps to the barrel. I wouldn't expect it to shift enough to notice, but it could lead to POI shift on top optics. I would rather mount an optic on this than directly on a gas tube, to protect the electronics. Being that it's clamped to the barrel, I would expect that it can gain some heat. I've never fired mine enough at once to make it more than warm.

I'd go KeyMod. M-Lok is ok, but if you want to mount a laser or anything on an attached rail on the side, I would suggest Keymod. Keymod is a self centering system, due to the backside taper, with means it will center your rail/laser every time. M-Lok can have tolerance Mins and Maxes add up to leave wiggle room. It has no taper to self center.

It's all up to you. Neither is better than the other. Both have very positive features and both have limitations.