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October 19, 2015, 05:05

Just released at HLebooks.com , a new downloadable ebook on the Safety Fast Shooting system for the Browning Hi-Power pistol.

The download page is here: http://www.hlebooks.com/ebook/SFShpEN.htm

Android version (Mobile device application) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hlebooks.SFShpEN

Many other ebooks on various firearms are available here : http://hlebooks.com

Content of the ebook :

The components of the SFS system for the FN HP (1)
- User manual of the Safety Fast Shooting system
- Exploded view of the ambidextrous magazine catch
- Nomenclature of the SFS parts
- The SFS sear and SFS lever
- Specific features of the SFS sear return spring
The components of the SFS system for the FN HP (2)
- The SFS cocking lever compared to the standard safety lever
- The specificities of the SFS hammer
- Correct positioning of the inner torque spring
The components of the SFS system for the FN HP (3)
- The SFS stop (holdopen latch) compared to the standard model
- The ambidextrous SFS magazine catch
Preparation of the HP pistol to receive the SFS kit
- Field dismounting of the HP pistol
- Dismounting of the sear
- Dismounting of the sear spring
- Dismounting of the safety lever and ejector
- Dismounting of the hammer assembly
Installation of the SFS kit in the HP pistol
- Installation of the new SFS sear and SFS lever
- Installation of the new hammer assembly
- Installation of the cocking lever and its spring
- Installation of the right side cocking lever
- Installation of the sear spring
Operation and functioning of the SFS kit (1)
- Cocking of the hammer assembly
- Action of the hammer strut pivot on the SFS lever
- Early stage of the hammer assembly cocking
- Suppression of the trigger backlash
Operation and functioning of the SFS kit (2)
- Release of the hammer and firing
- Instant of firing
- The SFS hammer used as a safety lever
- Forward lowering of the hammer
- Drop safety between the hammer and the firing pin
- Hammer retained by the cocking lever
- Release of the hammer before firing
Origin and development of the SFS system
- The short-lived FAST ACTION model
- Exploded view of the "Fast Action" model
- Many secondary parts modified or created
- Fast Action hammer-sear mechanism
- Fast Action slide modifications
- First "Fast Action" prototype (H001)
-* A new family of more modern pistols
Conclusions about the "Safe Fast Shooting" system
- Creation of the R.D.I.H. firm by Leon Hubert
- Advantages of the SFS system
- What say those who experienced the SFS
- Desirable improvement for the HP version of the SFS
- Colt 1911 version of the Safety Fast Shooting system