View Full Version : Source for pre-war classic sporting commercial style Mauser stocks?

October 11, 2015, 19:36
I'm a big fan of the commercial sporting Mausers, especially of the pre-WWII era. I think they're very classy and a reminder of a great period in hunting history. Both the English and the German craftsmen appeal to me. The rifles, of course, are normally priced out of my range.

I have occasionally seen nice commercial Mauser barreled actions or rifles that are cheaper due to damaged stocks.

Is there a source for stocks in the English or German prewar style? I'm picturing walnut with a short forearm that leaves room for a barrel band or lug for a sling swivel. There must be some good makers out there.

October 25, 2015, 18:22
FAJEN used to make those classic styles with checkering also. I don't think that they are around anymore. I see used ones at the big shows but are very pricey.

October 25, 2015, 23:51
Reinhart Fajen began making wood gun stocks in the 1950s at his facility in Warsaw, MO (1963 address Box 338 Warsaw, MO). His craftsmanship earned a well-deserved reputation among hunters. Later on, Reinhart Fajen, Inc. purchased Bishop Stocks and grew rapidly. Reinhart Fajen produced factory issue stocks for rifle manufacturers such as Sturm, Ruger & Co. and Savage Arms Company. Reinhart Fajen Acquisition, Inc. made USGI M14 stocks in 1988 and 1990 for two U. S. Army contracts. It made three styles of M14 stocks in two materials, walnut and laminated wood. Style I was the USGI standard contour and Style III was the oversized National Match stock (USGI part number 9352638). Later-manufacture oversized National Match stocks do not have stock liners. They were made to be bedded and have been routed for the rear lug. The M14 stocks supplied by Fajen to the U. S. government for the First Gulf War were shipped to Rock Island Arsenal for cutting the selector cutout, preserving and packing before stocking in the DOD supply system.

Unfortunately, Mr. Fajen passed away in 1998 and the company struggled thereafter. Reinhart Fajen, Inc. was then acquired by the Potterfield Group. The Potterfield family made a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to turn a profit from the plant which had moved earlier to Route 1 Box 214A Lincoln, MO 65338. Manufacturing operations were suspended in Lincoln, MO by the fall of 1998. Production of stocks for other rifles was then contracted out to several companies around the United States using proprietary CNC software programs. The equipment and inventory was sold off. Boyds' bought the stock inletting equipment from Reinhart Fajen, Inc. Springfield Armory, Inc. bought half of the remaining inventory of M14 stocks and Midway USA purchased the remainder. All of the stocks, including the M14 models, quickly sold out once it was known that the Lincoln, MO plant had ceased operating. Springfield Armory, Inc. installed stocks made by Reinhart Fajen, Inc. on M1A rifles until at least January 1999

Their successors:



October 26, 2015, 16:06
I remember when fajen closed it's doors,,,T'was a sad day.

I've heard good things about Richards, but never ordered anything from them myself.
Take a gander here, you might like the 'old classic 102';http://www.rifle-stocks.com/