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October 03, 2015, 10:56
I have infected several of my friends with the Quiet Virus
- some have done OK with their purchases of suppressors and using them in good health.

Others have contracted the dreaded
- CanNotWorkingRightUs condition

So my friend Mr M decided he wanted a suppressor, picked up a 223 can for his AR - worked great.
- picked up threaded barrel for his XD and got a AAC Ti-Rant and was having fun.
Then he decided he wanted a 308 can after hanging around me using my AAC Cyclone on my stuff (.243 thru 7.62x54R).

And he first tried to order one thru his dealer from a national company that evidently didn't have anything in stock. Next canceled that order after significant delays and ordered from another nationally known company who said they had their can in stock.

After the usual delays for Form 3's and Form 4's he finally got it in.
In the mean time he had ordered from Shilen a barrel be fitted to his action in 308 and muzzle threaded
5/8x24 at the same time and purchased an Quick Attach adaptor for his not soon to arrive can when the rifle came back.

So he was ready when the can arrived - took it out and tested it - End Cap strike!
WTH - He called me up we went thru the usual - as it was threaded by a known good
barrel maker when it was fitted to the action I doubted it was the problem.

We sort of narrowed it down to the Quick Attach device. I told him to call the maker
but he was all impatient and just dropped another $150 for another one at local shop.
Sure enough - with the change of the Quick Attach Device the end cap strikes stopped.

At this point he mailed off the bad Quick Attach Device to the maker and got a response...
Which Mr M notated and forwarded to me...


We have no record of this item (QM-HVT-BR or HVT Brake) being purchased by you from us.
Duh, should have told them I bought it through one of their dealers, pretty hard to tell where it came from, even though it has their name all over it?

I am unable to accept the item that you have returned to us for a couple reasons:

1. The mount has been fired.
Really, you don't think that's how I figured out it was out of alignment, when the bullet struck the baffle on my new suppressor?

2. Writing on the mount and on the packaging,
Yep, we can't do anything about it even though it doesn't work correctly and you opened it up and wrote on the package and we don't have anymore packages, good excuse.

3. SHIM set is missing.
Wonder why, oh I know I used the shims to set the timing for the brake exhaust holes, per their directions. And they must have not more shims in stock I guess.

I am unable to re-sell this mount.
He left out the important part, because it's out of alignment and might screw up someone else's brand new Junk Tech suppressor.

I am sorry that you had issues with this product. I did have my Lead Shop guy inspect the item and run alignment with some other HVT-QM Suppressors that we have here and there are no alignment issues that we can find. Everything checks out across the board.
Now if you were possibly the lead man machinist that might have sent out a bad batch, what are you going to tell the boss? Nope Bob, nothing wrong with that one, must be the barrel threads or the way they put it together?

I did see that you did purchase another mount from us and I am happy to hear that it is working the way you like.
But wait, this one works and there was no baffle strikes using the same barrel on the same gun with the same suppressor and same bullet's, it's a mystery? If I had a problem, I couldn't send it back anyway, because I opened the package and used some of the shim's, there goes the old, we stand behind our product 100%, when we want to?

I will have my shipping department return the item you sent us for we cannot accept it.

For sale one Junk Tech QM-HVT-BR or HVT Brake/muzzle, $75.00, But Junk Tech says it's ok? Retail $150

Regards, XXX

Well, Great Customer service, yep - they made a Happy Customer - NOT

Just thought I would warn any future customers about the service my friend received.

October 04, 2015, 00:17
Wow,I would be all over those characters,not let up til I got a refund...i can be one hell of a squeaky wheel...hell I would send them a bill for a replacement can also....did I mention I can be a vindictive dick...:wink:

October 06, 2015, 12:37
that is a truly retarded response....

I hope they received that reply from you in red: )