View Full Version : CCI 22lr Standard vel ... bad lot?

D P Six
October 02, 2015, 00:32
CCI 22 lr Standard velocity has been my 22 go to ammo for years. It's always been accurate and reliable. Bought a couple hundred rounds the other day in 50 round boxes. None of our three vintage S&W Model 41's would fire more than a few rounds before having a ftf/fte. Multiple magazines were used. I hope this ammo was from a very small lot of what appears to be undercharged cartridges. Anyone else have this problem recently?

October 02, 2015, 07:25
Nope, but I don't use a lot of CCI SV ... local places here are wanting $5/box for it, for $60/brick I can get SK Magazine or SK Std+ delivered... and while hte CCI SV is great at $3.50/box the SK is *much* better in the $5-6 range...

If you want to try the SK offerings, sgammo.com, grafs.com and champchoice.com usually have it in stock