View Full Version : XM21s Ser# 3 and 4 completed and test fired.

September 06, 2015, 10:38
Finished up XM21 # 4 a couple of days ago. This morning #3 came to life.
For these builds as many after market parts were used as available in the workshop. Only op rods, gas cylinders, stocks and handguards are USGI.
Receivers , bolts, trigger groups, and barrels are from Bula Forge. Scopes are both Leupold. #3 sports an 8.5 - 25 MK-4 and #4 has a VX-R Patrol mounted. First photo has #3 in the foreground.

http://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x413/nf1e/IMG_0177_zpsynssgo5s.jpg (http://s1180.photobucket.com/user/nf1e/media/IMG_0177_zpsynssgo5s.jpg.html)

Photo 2 is an SR-1 target after initial sight in with #4.

http://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x413/nf1e/IMG_0171_zpsxattkvha.jpg (http://s1180.photobucket.com/user/nf1e/media/IMG_0171_zpsxattkvha.jpg.html)

Photo 3 is the final sight in for #3 which is on a different type of target. Black on this target is 1.75 inches. I was able to walk the group down from the higher first shots with elevation changes on the MK-4 to a sub min 5 shot group in the center.

http://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x413/nf1e/IMG_0179_zpssnjkcqe6.jpg (http://s1180.photobucket.com/user/nf1e/media/IMG_0179_zpssnjkcqe6.jpg.html)

Final photo is for reference. The SR-1s on the right and the A-32s on the left.

http://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x413/nf1e/IMG_0178_zpszhdptjlo.jpg (http://s1180.photobucket.com/user/nf1e/media/IMG_0178_zpszhdptjlo.jpg.html)

Semper Fi

AZ Deuce
September 07, 2015, 16:13

Just wondering how come the barrels seem shorter and have no flash hiders? An accuracy thing? Or a legal thing?


September 07, 2015, 18:24
A little of both. Flash suppressors are not allowed here. I have gone to the expense of putting muzzle brakes on all my other M14 type rifles. My thought was , seeing the XM21 has no rear sight pocket or sight, why bother with anything on the front end. These were cut off just aft of the splines , squared and an 11 deg. target crown done with my Dave Manson kit. Accuracy is great for barrels that aren't even broken in yet. I am a happy camper.

AZ Deuce
September 07, 2015, 19:16
Cool, thanks for the reply, that makes good sense.