View Full Version : That blue slider

May 19, 2002, 07:40
I'm having some problems with the sliding bar on the right of my screen. It turned blue (the slider, background and boxes are blue, the arrows are yellow) shorty after the board upgrade (maybe even right after the board upgrade, I didnt notice it for a while). That stayed for a few visits, but now when I return to the falfiles, the arrows up and down buttons at the top and bottom of the slider are white instead of black(all other colors are normal), and when I visit ak-47.net the slider regains the blue color scheme. Was this due to the board upgrade, and what can I do to fix it?


May 19, 2002, 15:01
My arrows are also white, very hard to see. New board is a lot harder to get around in. When I click on a post, it starts off at the bottom of the post. What do I need to correct this?:confused: