View Full Version : .22 Conversion Kit for teh FAL

July 30, 2015, 01:42
There have probably already been threads about this project that has finally come to fruition through the tireless and excellent efforts of member Kurbelgehause.

I think I paid for mine a couple of years ago, but there were guys who stepped up 3 1/2 years ago and paid in full and waited to see what would happen. I took delivery about a month and a half ago of: a) barrel liner, b) bolt assembly, and c) three magazines. Simple, clean, parked.

I finally got it out today with a buddy of mine and our two sons. Ran like a top!! It is so much fun it's stupid, and I can't remember a bigger laugh I've gotten than grabbing that big old rifle and feeling zero recoil and hearing a little "pop" as it sent one down range. Pulled the trigger pretty quickly trying to get a stoppage. Nope. The gun just runs.

Thanks, Kurbelgehause, for getting it right and sticking with it. I hope you are getting this fine tool/toy out to the FAL world at large.