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July 15, 2015, 12:08
Not on here to bash.
I prefer "Public Service Announcement".

I decided to purchase a set of stocks for my PSL from these folks.
All photos I had seen of their wares made it look to be like a quality
I placed my order on June 2nd and the money was promptly sucked from
my account. When July 2nd rolled around and I still received no product or
order status update I attempt to call, no success...so I emailed. Again no
success. At this point I opted for my work email address instead of personal
(County sheriff) and miraculously they responded almost immediately when
I mentioned my displeasure. Receiving assurance that my order would ship on
or before July 7th.
Well here it is July 15th and still nothing, so clearly these are not people of their word.
That said I would encourage ANYONE considering the thought of doing business with them to take your business elsewhere.