View Full Version : I just want to know what this revolver is. HELP

June 29, 2015, 18:06
Anyone have a idea? I think it's a British Bulldog knock off. it shoot a Kal .320 or .32 short. Only clear marking is a cross that is a B&A its the & in the middle with a B on top and left A on bottom and right side. Looks like a Owl stamped under grips. I can try and get better pics. Thanks for the help

June 29, 2015, 18:15
Belgian made. Most of the B&A marked were the folding trigger type.

No idea who B&A was.


June 29, 2015, 18:33
Found the exact pistol, I just can't read it


Dazed and Confused
June 29, 2015, 22:24
I come up with this:

Revolver, Cal. .320

Proofmarks: left crown with JBR, right crown with R, Stern with W
Condition: 2 star
Barrel length: 5 cm
Function: mechanically perfect, comes with holster
Cal. .320

198 Euro = $221

June 30, 2015, 10:58
Thanks I bought the one pictured for $100 plus ammo so I can try it, clean it, and collect it, and maybe carry for fun nice little backup

June 30, 2015, 17:28
Be careful if that ammo has not been used with the revolver yet. If it is smokeless powder the pistol might not have the strength for it. If it's black powder it should be safe.

July 01, 2015, 08:28
I think it's a British Bulldog knock off.

You can find the Belgians offered in this catalog, about half of what a Webley would bring IIRC.