View Full Version : SIG 556 SCM,worth the trouble to convert to ''regular'' SIG 556?

oz in SC
June 15, 2015, 07:26
Posted this elsewhere but no replies yet.

I have the chance to get a SCM for a good price,looks to have not been used too much.no box but has the front and rear sights.Has Swiss style handguards with the bolt on rails and the fixed stock.
I would prefer the barrel be threaded,so that would need to be done,as well as swapping out the stock perhaps,although it does look kind of cool with the A2 stock.
Rifle has a JT serial number prefix which I believe means it wasn't one of the rifles that had some QC issues.
The rifle itself would be under $750 which seems a good price.

June 15, 2015, 11:00
In my reading, it's mostly the JS serials that had issues. Very few JTs.

Can you inspect the rifle? With it being used, you should be able to get a visual on any of the troubled areas.

Seems like a real price. If you're handy with tools, just get a thread kit and TaT. Swap out the stock later if you decide you don't like the A2. I have a like new MP CTR in OD with a side-folding mock buffer tube I'm not planning to use off my 556C.