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June 13, 2015, 16:26
Talk about getting older! My 90 year young neighbor bought himself a new Henry's 22lr Rifle to complement his Polaris 4 wheeler he bought to have some fun on in the mountains and keep from being bored in our retirement village. His eyes aren't as good as they once were so I put a Leupold 4x on it to help him out, he shot it well at 25 yds off a rest(put 4 rd.s into a small diamond shape all touching!) at the range but then had problems off hand, and using an upright for a rest so I showed him a Red Dot and a reflex red/green TruGlow sight,. He said, "get me one of those I like that!" Going to get him one next week and mount it and sight it in. He has tunnel vision to boot so this may help. The little Henry Rifle never failed to load or fire, even after learning these are made in Bayonne, N.J., Ha!
A great little rifle should give him some fun for a long time to come! It pays to be young at heart.

June 28, 2015, 18:55
That's awesome! I can imagine him cruising through the woods on his quad wearing that fedora with a stogey in his chompers.

I don't take my .22's out to the range that often, but I do have a Browning BL22 lever action that's fun to plink with. Helluva lot more affordable than sending 7.62x51 down range.

Hope I'm still that active when I get older.

June 28, 2015, 20:41
Just a slight update, I put the red/green dot on and he loves it! shoots into 4" at 25 yd.s, can range. The bummer is the woods are closed until further notice due to high 100 degree+ temps and winds for fires. No rain insight. I can't use the range till it's over and we have good rain. They'll probably not allow fireworks on the 4th either, Bummer all around. Guess we'll use the lake this week a lot, river too! Have a great 4th.

June 29, 2015, 01:43
Your part of the state is beautiful. Myself and a couple of friends rode from the LA area up to Hayden Lake, and took a ride up the 95 to Sand Point, and turned around at Kings Gate.

Everything was so green up there. We did the trip in August, and while it was warm up there, it was so much nicer than SoCal.

My shooting spot (BLM land) just closed this week for fire season. I'm hoping for early rains this Fall so that it opens again by mid November.

June 30, 2015, 19:07
We're right now in the same boat as you. Fire danger is so high the woods may be completely shut down. We have had the warmest year ever, little to no rain and none in sight. I can't shoot and have a pile of videos I wanted to do. Bummer. Now I know how my buddy feels in San Bernardino cty. It's been touching 100 or more since last week and no relief in sight. Have a good 4th, Glad you liked the country up here, it is usually the best around as far as I am concerned.