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May 19, 2015, 07:50
Guys Ive been doing some internet research/shopping for a new/used GC Mauser barrel.
Here's WHY....
One of my local pawnshops, from whom I have bought several solid used weapons... got in a nice-looking K98k (1938, ERMA, Berlin) original but machined barrel, sporterised, Marble's sights front and rear, NO scope or mounts (or screw-holes). I would judge the style of the build is probably 1950's, very "Germanic" looking stock (laminate) milled from the original with all holes filled with wood inlaid and glued no doubt. Still in original 8mm, the barrel was turned down and blued to resemble a commercial barrel. WaffenAmpts still visible. Sling swivels, the removable snap-type that I can move to several different rifles. It was in an old man's closet for years and then 17 years in his widow's closet. She sold it to the pawn dealer. Now it's in another old man's closet :)
I eyeballed the rifle for several months- not many guns moving, and it stayed on the shelf. Visual exams showed a decent bore-- a little dusty but with my borelight it showed strong rifling. WELLL.... I sprang for it cuz as a hunting rifle it looks like it will be fine, even with the open sights. I get the sucker home, wipe it down, clean a bit of rust dust off it(thin, no pitting).. and it oiled right up... Really happy I was... UNTIL I ran a bore swab thru the barrel a few times! Lotsa black crud that cleaned out with a few passes with bore swab.
THEN I used my borelighter eyeball tool!!! SHIT!!! The lands are indeed very good looking thru-out but the GROOVES have what some gunsellers call frost or snow.. It's easy to see corrosion/ light pitting now with my borelight. <<<banging head on desk in another bout of frustration>>> Question is, how best to make good on a bum purchase. I havent shot it yet so don't know how well it hits but having fired a few milsurp Mausers have an idea of how it SHOULD hit out to a fair 300 meters.
Am pondering what to do- rebarrel with a good surplus barrel, or new from one of the barrelmakers and basically start over.. or to have a smith fire-lap it or do something I am unaware of to clean it up. It dogs my cats cuz I had thought to mount a Leupold 4x scope sitting around- an over the bolt breach-mount...
Any useful or helpful ideas and comments welcomed. Frankly, if it will shoot minute of elk or deer as-is Im inclined to use it as is... puts me off the idea of scoping it with the grooves lookin like that. If I didnt have this love of all Mausers I would have bought a new Remmie or Savage. I'd like this gun to work for what I bought it. Thanks, folks. Dun

May 19, 2015, 08:34
You have but to shoot it to determine your next course of action. If you will be satisfied with "Hunting Rifle" accuracy, I think you will be OK. Pay some attention to the bore size of your barrel, 8MM Mauser barrels are found from .318" to .323" and you need to find the right bullets for yours. You sound Mauser savy, so I'm sure you already know that.

I have a Mauser barrel in 30-06 with a bore that looks like the proverbial sewer pipe, yet it would put three shots into a group that could be covered by a Ben Franklin half dollar at 75 yards. I chose the 75 yard range because I would have had to cross the east branch of the Presque Isle Stream to get it out to 100.
I only replaced the barrel because it "bugged" me and because I have AADD likely brought on by retirement. Also, because I found an exact make and model barrel from a custom Gunsmith in WA.

My old FN Mauser barrel is available to anyone that wants it, to do whatever, for the shipping.

Hope you will post your range results. I promise not to laugh at yours if you don't laugh at mine. :tongue:

May 19, 2015, 09:32
What Mainer said, shoot it then decide. Mainer, PM sent on barrel.

May 19, 2015, 15:02
What they said about shooting it first, ugly & works still = works.
Another option would be to put a .308/7,62 NATO barrel on it.

May 20, 2015, 05:07
Story, thanks for the link- I had found that. Actually the 8mm barrels look useful. I bought a bit of 8mm when we were "stack(ing) it high and deep"... so I will be shooting 8mm for some time. SO FAR the best Ive used has been the Romanian (wish I had bought a lot more of it) and the Yugo, which is a FMJ hammer of the gods. My rifles also like the S&B sp 198gr, which I use for hunting. This light-weight rifle is intended for any hunting I might do, and the S&B is more powerful than the US made.

May 20, 2015, 13:45
Shoot it and find out if it was a bum purchase first....

Super B
May 25, 2015, 07:19
What they ^ said. Shoot it first. Many a "frosty" barrel has turned out to be a tack driver. Clean the bore down to the bare metal then see what she can do. If you need a new 8mm barrel you can always buy one of these:

At $40 a pop, they are a STEAL!