View Full Version : Removal of Daewoo DR200 muzzle attachment

May 02, 2015, 10:23
Decided to remove the fake "muzzle attachment" on the end of the Daewoo DR200 I bought here a couple of weeks ago.

Considered heating it with MAPP gas to remove it but in the end I decided to cut it off. Cut the attachment on opposite sides laterally (180 degeees apart) until I could just begin to see the barrel's thread pattern. This requires some patience and some slow cutting - so as to not to go too far - and prehaps damage the barrel. Akthough I guess you could do it with a dremel I did mine with a large rotary tool and a 4" metal cutoff wheel. If you can deal with the weight of the tool and keep it steady along the length of the cuts its an easy way to do it.

The attachment can be cut (laterally) all the way through (at the front) for at least half the length of the device. Once I made the cuts I took the front end and placed the muzzle device down on a piece of hardwood and spread it apart with a cold chisel and a 4 lb hammer. It split into two pieces like a pistachio nut shell.

I then took a 1/2X28 die and chased the threads on the barrel to clean it up. I put a three prong USGI flash hide on it using (in this order) a jam nut made out of the back end of an old A2 flash hider, a split ring lock washer, and then the flash hider.

One of the interesting things that I found was that the original Daewoo muzzle attachment had ONLY 16 threads (1/2X28) - approximately 0.6". Of those 16 threads ONLY 4 (and the smooth back end of the muzzle attachment's sleeve) were silvered soldered to the barrel's threads.

I think cutting it off is a much better alternative (if you want to retain the barrel's original overall length).

May 02, 2015, 13:24
and you didn't have to deal with the potential discoloration of heating it up. way to go. :beer:

May 02, 2015, 17:02
Just did mine with oxy, went well, no discoloring.. milling the end off the original "thingy" for a spacer, then adding a Phantom.