View Full Version : Surplus barrel alert

May 01, 2015, 21:53
I was at Entreprise today and picked up my DSA that went from a Tactical Carbine model (the front end is for sale btw in the marketplace) to a standard length rifle. They rebarreled it using one of their excellent condition Imbel barrels. The barrel is so nice I bought another one as a spare. The exterior finish on them is somewhat worn but the bore and chamber on the two that I got are bright, shiny, no pits. The throat erosion is 1 or less. I paid $125 for a non refinished barrel and $145 for a reparkerized barrel.

The gentlemen who assisted me said that they have a good supply of these on hand, at least for the time being. They have the gas block installed but are otherwise stripped.

Anyone looking for a nice condition GI barrel should grab one while they last.

May 02, 2015, 06:43
$125 is about the average price I buy nice IMBEL barrels on Ebay. It appears their barrels are not overpriced.