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April 19, 2015, 20:22
Shot my Serbian master piece today for the first time, wow what fun. As a fun plinker this thing gets an A++. The report is like an obnoxious thud and the fireball excels that of, well, any other ak. Probably end up with a krinkov style booster, four piece pig break, or 74 comp. surprisingly wieldy for a rifle cartridge in a ten inch package.The armbrace when used as intended provides an interesting and fun experience. Out of the box the irons and three dot flip up were right on out to 60 yards. Better range report to come. As for the craftsman ship it is your typical zastava new manufacture, crisp, clean, and enough to combat izhmash. The features added such as the bolt hold open selector and magazines are a nice touch but border on gimmicky. You will learn to hate the hinged cover if you are accustomed to doing your own work. All in all, a great buy, the armbrace is quite functional and the pistol performs superbly. I think the best thing this pistol showcases is the zastava quality and the effort CAI has put forward to put good stuff out there. This pistol screams for an ATF form 1 and a triangle stock, which mine is absolutely destined for, pending the ATF red tape run and gun report is to come.

April 19, 2015, 21:36
Ive been looking at these lately. Ive never been crazy about pistol versions of rifles though, and Ive avoided the SBR stuff...

But lately Ive gotten the itch to just do it. I would really love to have at least one SBR... which, more realistically, means at least 3-4.

I have a chance to get an M92 pap for a really good price, but if I dont end up SBRing it, I dont think its worth it. Ive been trying to do some research on what would be involved in that.

April 20, 2015, 06:45
Atlantic firearms has them listed for $589 with the armbrace. Recently they knocked it down to 529. so after shipping and FFL fees its 589 total for the gun. It was worth it to me I love the thing. And the armbrace can be shouldered, however i myself have not done it because the atf ruled that as redesigning the weapon into an NFA weapon. However it is capable of doing so (in a SHTF, WROL situation Who dafuq cares???)

If you go the way of an sbr file your form 1 and set up an NFA trust.

If you dicide against the M92 go with the M70 N-pap which is another Zastava weapon but it is the standard ak rifle, great gun. 599 at atlantic firearms

April 20, 2015, 19:47
Well the whole thing was that I have someone offering me an M92 for a really good price. I wouldnt care to have an AK pistol, even for the price hes offering, but I dont know if I want to go through the trouble of the paperwork, the wait, then finding and dealing with a gunsmith to install a stock on it.

If it were something I could do myself that would be different. Id deal with all the paperwork and waiting if I could just do it myself... but from what Ive seen, its a job a little beyond what Im willing to attempt.