View Full Version : Another mag loading solution for HK93 users

March 12, 2015, 09:29
After figuring out how to use a Maglula "striplula" (designed for AR15/M16 use) on a HK93 (see post below this one), I went one step further and modified a 30rd Maglula "range bench loader for use with HK93 mags.

Once converted you can't use it for AR mag loading - and you have a device dedicated for exclusive use with HK93 mags. I can snap a HK93 mag into the "mag well" end of the loader - and then put 30 rounds into the loader - and load 30rds into the HK93 mag with one swipe of the handle. The conversion was done with a Dremel, a couple of spare metal parts, a piece of scrap plastic and some JB Weld. It works like a charm.

If anyone wants a couple of photos I'd be more than happy to send them