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February 28, 2015, 20:18
Well, I am in hot water with the wife. I just put a really nice Tikka stainless chambered in .223 on layaway. It was a used gun and was in very nice condition. It has the fluted barrel and synthetic stock. Also attached was a Vortex scope. So anyone with experience with the Tikka got any recommendations for my expectations, ammo needs, or issues with theirs.

This is only the second non-military and non- 22LR bolt gun ever purchased. So I consider myself a noob in this area. However, I think I did well on the price considering the package. At least, the shop owner accepted what I offered with no dickering and I knew what he had in it.

I pick it up next Friday and will update this thread with pics afterward.

Hollis Wood
March 01, 2015, 08:43
I just happened upon a Tikka Varmint in .223 yesterday and brought it home with me. Blued, 23" and 1-8. Rings but no scope. It was on consignment at the LGS and looks to have never been fired.

I look forward to doing so once this cold/snow moves out.

March 02, 2015, 13:48
I was always impressed by how smooth and short the bolt lift/throw is on the tikkas, look forward to seeing a range report.

March 02, 2015, 15:27
Where do you hunt coyotes in SC? You need to invite me along so I can give you some lessons.. :wink:

Don't ever buy hunting rifles as investments, but you did good with the Tikka, they are great rifles. Should shoot the 64 grain Winchester PP bullet very well, that was my #1 choice for everything in AZ.

March 03, 2015, 10:53
On hunting sites, many tout the accuracy of them.

Try different loads, or reload, and find what it likes.
Never owned one, but many say they are great shooters.

March 03, 2015, 13:36
Hagar, we killed almost a dozen last year on my deer club lease property. Plan on going out after turkey season and see if I can do a few in. Since I am a noob at 'yote hunting, any guidance is welcome. It's only an hour away from Columbia and just off I 95. Might have to have you come down for a day.

March 03, 2015, 14:27
Just let me know a couple of days ahead of time, would love to come down.

You guys call them, or just shoot them when you see them?

March 04, 2015, 13:58
So far, shoot when seen. Once I get the new rifle sighted in, I'll pick up a call and start my google fu to see it's done by the 'net "Xperts".:biggrin:

March 06, 2015, 03:02
Takes days at reloading bench and shooting range to figure out best load. Most important is to break barrel in properly first trip. Sucks but gun will shoot better and for longer with proper break in. Promised to take wife to Sumpter in spring if near there. Can run a few to sss what if likes.

March 06, 2015, 13:11
Huey, it is s used rifle so the break in is unknown. So I treat each one the same. First a very thorough cleaning and removal of everything in the chamber and bore - copper, powder residue, carbon, plastic, etc. Then I go over every inch to make sure screws are properly tightened. I even unmount any optics and pull the action from the stock so I can re-torque all of the bolts and screws to the proper setting. Once all that is done, then it is off to the range with a range of ammo in different weights to see which ones it likes. After that, if not happy with production ammo, then the reloading bench comes in to play.

March 06, 2015, 13:35
I picked up the rifle today and got nice surprise. I thought the mounted scope was a 3x9 Vortex, but turned out to be a 4x12 with a BDC reticle. From the barrel markings, the rifle is a Tikka T3 .223 with 1 in 8 rifling. The manual that came with it says it is a Tikka T3 RH Lite Stainless. According to the manual it has a 22 7/16" barrel and weighs in at 6 lb 3oz. It has a black synthetic stock and 4 round detachable mag. The mag is all plastic.

If the weather holds out tomorrow, a range trip will be made. Pic of the rifle and results will be posted. If the rifle sux, then a an MP ad may show up.:rofl::devil:

March 06, 2015, 17:02
I had a tikka heavy barrel .308. Like the Tactical but with a wood stock. Really liked it. Very smooth. Short bolt throw.

March 07, 2015, 17:27
Well, just got back from the range and had some good things and bad things about my new rifle. The good - shows promise to be a - MOA shooter. The bad - it doesn't like 75gr bullets. Groups go out to 1-1 MOA. But on the plus side of that, POI is the same as for the 69 gr bullets that grouped the best. Ammo was Federal 69 MK HPBT from CMP, Remington Match 69gr MK HPBT, Georgia Arms Reman 69 gr HPBT, and Hornady Match 75gr HPBT.

This is a fun rifle to shoot, no recoil, very handy, and accurate. However, because it is small and light I noticed a couple of issues that I'll have to work out. First, the stock is a little short for me and that caused some problems in using the scope and getting a consistent cheek weld. Secondly, because the rifle is so light (~6 lbs.), it is very susceptible in moving around even when bagged. I noticed a lot of horizontal stringing of my groups and when I paid close attention, I could see that left/right drift in the scope just before I fired. That is shooter technique and not the rifle. Something to work on.:biggrin:

The detachable mag is a 4 rounder with single stack controlled feed (long mag lips). It is long enough to put a .308 round in it but has a spacer just behind the follower. So longer OAL should be no problem. Loading a round in the chamber from the ejection port is a chore. The smallish .223 rounds don't drop right in to the chamber but have a lot of room to go other places. And the port is small enough where I can only use one finger to try and guide it or push down the first round in the mag. So most of my shooting was 4 rounds from the mag.

The action was butter smooth and the trigger came in at 3 lbs. I can adjust it but don't plan on it at this time. The trigger has a different feel to it than my other bolt guns. You apply pressure and suddenly the rifle goes off - no discernable movement to the trigger. Not a bad thing, something else to get used to.

The Vortex scope also is different. Not bad but I think I'll replace it anyway. It doesn't have an adjustable objective and I really would like to have that feature. Adjustment was positive and the MOA clicks were just that at 100 yds. Optics were okay, but the eye relief "sweet spot" was extremely limited at max magnification. This coupled with the shorter stock meant I really had to work at getting a good shooting cheek weld.

All in all I am very pleased at this first outing. And it looks like I might have to dust off the Rockchucker to work on find the 75-77 gr loads it likes. Anybody got a favorite load they would like to share?:bow:

Hollis Wood
March 07, 2015, 18:38
I didn't make it to the range yet with mine. On call this week- had to work today.
Tikka Performance has a single shot follower for the magazine. About $20.

March 10, 2015, 09:30
I dig those Tikkas. I would love to get one in .308 with a wood stock... Those vortex scopes are great optics, but as for clarity, I prefer the 3-9x to the 4-12x for the Diamondbacks. The lower power is just a better scope when you hold them side by side.

Sounds like you'll get some good use out of her! And the MOA performance is something a lot of people seem to claim with their Tikkas. A guy that I used to sell guns to pretty regularly loved his T3. He said that he gets 1.5-2" groups at 300 yds with his. You never know with people, but he knew his stuff about ballistics and marksmanship, and with these Tikkas, I'm inclined to believe him.

March 13, 2015, 10:43
I've got a T3 Lite in 308 and have posted about a few times over the years. Just a great little medium bore hunting rifle. The action screws/stock mount works great. One of the few rifles in which the bolt will drop open by gravity once you unlock it. Just butter smooth. Mine also did not like heavy-for-caliber loads like 180's but loves 165's. Trigger is fantastic.

The mags are insanely expensive. Evidently, the Finnish social security system has penned it's hopes on mag sales or something. They are fairly reliable but I have had a follower tilt and stick while loading, usually after the first round. Mine also seems to have a tight bore. Some loads take a little more force to close the bolt on than others. (The accuracy makes me forget about stuff like that though.)

A wood stock would probably look better but the plastic stock simply doesn't have any issues and fits me well. I use camo cloth tape every year and keep telling myself to just paint it and be done. But, cleaned up in stainless over black, it is a pretty gun. I've heard there is an after market steel bolt shroud avail but again, the plastic one just hasnt caused a problem yet.

March 20, 2015, 08:10
Well, just got back from the range

All in all I am very pleased at this first outing. And it looks like I might have to dust off the Rockchucker to work on find the 75-77 gr loads it likes. Anybody got a favorite load they would like to share?:bow:

Well, seeing as how you already have TAC. :biggrin:

22.0 grs. will push a 77gr HP out at 2550 fps. (start)
24.5 grs. will move the same 77 gr HP at 2800 fps (stop)

My barrel is 18" with 1~8" twist and bullets are loaded to AR mag length.
Cases are LC with CCI 41? primers.

With this barrel, I have better results with 68 gr HP's and 26.2 grs TAC.

March 20, 2015, 09:42
I like 24.2 grains of RL15 with 75/77 grain bullets. What 75's were you shooting, Privi? I think they are absolute junk. Stick to Hornady, Nosler or Sierra.

March 20, 2015, 21:50
Used Hornady Match 77's. All the groups opened up. And we aren't talking patterns. But compared to the lighter rounds, the groups opened from - MOA out to 1-1 MOA. Best groups came from the 69 gr HPBT. Didn't matter who made them. I am just going to have to work on the loads on this one. I have some loads that work in my AR for 60-70 gr pills. They all shoot very accurately. I was just hoping for better in the heavier bullet range. Might even see if I can get something in the 80 gr range and test them out too.

March 20, 2015, 22:21
Have you ever loaded the 80's before? They should be loaded to 2.45 -2.55 inch oal and will not fit an AR magazine. I'd be very careful with them in a bolt rifle, make sure you don't jam them into the lands too tight, I like the same 24.2 grain load of RL15, Accurate 2520 or Varget.

Hollis Wood
March 22, 2015, 18:30
Got mine out to the range today. I was using some Nosler 77s and 23.5 gr of RL15, Remington 7 1/2 primers. That load did not shoot well in either the Tikka or the WOA AR I had also. Something is up there with that load.

Things got a heck of a lot better when I ran some 52's through it. I think they were 52 SMKs and 25 gr of H335. That was under 1 MOA through the Tikka.
More load development is needed.