View Full Version : MP5 A3 Retractable Stock on a Century C93?

February 02, 2015, 00:07
I bought what I believe to be a 2-position (fully-extended/fully-retracted) OEM or POF contract HK MP5 butt stock at a gun show last week, and have already massaged it onto my Century Arms C93 (HK33/53/93 clone); however, I'm I bit unclear as to the safety of using this stock. To clarify the "massaged" comment, it wouldn't simply slip on (push pin hole didn't line up on the left side) and required a bit of assistance from a rubber mallet, as I understand that most of these Century receivers are slightly out of spec. I'm 100% certain this is not an airsoft stock as it articulates nicely and is made out of heavy duty materials, and is not one of the "universal" ATI stocks (no sling loop). It is also not date stamped, but I've read that HK effectively stopped marking most parts several years ago. From what I've been able to find on these, it is a 3rd generation stock with the concave butt plate and "H" buffer.

The C93 rifles were assembled using Malaysian parts kits, and are supposed to have a "half moon" buffer built into the carrier. Google has failed me when it comes to finding a picture of this integrated buffer, so I'm basically looking to determine the following:

1. Did all of these C93's come with this half moon buffer, allowing the safe use of an MP5 A3 stock?

2. Do I need to remove the "H" buffer from the MP5 stock, or is it OK to leave it in there?

3. There is a decent amount of up/down wobble (maybe a half inch?) when the stock is full extended. Also, the plastic cap (shown as item 5.8 in this diagram: http://pics.sneezyfrog.com/lW7qne4.png) has a little play in it when the stock is extended. Is this normal?

4. Given that authentic stocks may or may not be date stamped, are there any other telltale signs to determine if an A3 stock is the real deal OEM, or a POF contract piece? As you can tell by my post count, I'm a newbie to this site (as a registered member, but a long-time reader) and haven't learned how to upload photos, yet.

5. Is there anything else I need to be aware of having a retractable butt stock on an HK33/53/93 clone, other than the cheek weld is going to be a literal pain?

Thank you!

February 02, 2015, 00:37
Check out possible differences between the 9mm and 223 A3 stocks, this should help.

February 02, 2015, 10:22
I was thinking of picking up an A3 stock for my C93, but the problems that you ran into...I already thought of and is keeping me from spending $400+ for the stock.

February 02, 2015, 12:40
Thanks, yellowhand!

Partisan50, I was able to snag this one for $50(!!!!!), negotiated down from an asking price of $150. The seller indicated he had it on a 9mm MP5 clone, but it doesn't appear to have been used much at all. Only a couple of scuffs in the finish of the sling attachment. Given how much $$$ even the POF versions go for, I thought it a no lose deal and slapped a $50 bill in his hand as quickly as I could! I've been drooling for one of these since I bought the C93 five or six years ago.

February 02, 2015, 13:49
Wow, $50, even $150 was a deal. I will keep an eye open and maybe I can find a deal for the A3 stock. I also want to put a steel lower on as well. The plastic stuff just doesn't look right.

February 02, 2015, 16:24
I would have gladly dropped the $150, but it looked like this guy dabbled more in traditional long guns and pistols, so he really didn't care much about researching the value of it (good for me, of course). Assuming the bolt gap continues to stay decent on mine, I'll also eventually invest in one of the metal lowers.