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January 31, 2015, 22:15
Today I received something really neato and I need advise please. First, here are pictures of what I have:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130139_zpsarrahk9j.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130139_zpsarrahk9j.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130138_zpswgyldyav.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130138_zpswgyldyav.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130145_zpsxtpimu0b.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130145_zpsxtpimu0b.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130144_zps1nnhseoh.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130144_zps1nnhseoh.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130143_zpsamcdlxcw.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130143_zpsamcdlxcw.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130142_zpsgfo4sqc0.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/Factory%20Wrapped%20MP5%20Magazines/P1130142_zpsgfo4sqc0.jpg.html)

What you are looking at are two original HK factory wrapped 5 packs of brand new old stock 15 round HK94 magazines. I bought them with the intention of keeping two for myself and selling the rest to recoup my money and maybe make a small profit. I bought them to break up and use. The problem is I can't bring myself to unwrap them. It's goofy I know but hey've been wrapped up like that for somewhere between 20-30 years I guess. I don't think that leaving them wrapped increases their value to anyone other than a die hard collector. I don't need to unwrap them as I already have a bunch of magazines. I don't need the money. But I bought them to sell. But they're still in the ORIGINAL wrap! I mean, how in the hell many are still out there like this? It can't be many. Once they're unwrapped, they're that way forever. Should I just rip that paper off and break them up or should I just stash them in the safe and forget I have them? I'm being serious here. It's weird I know but it just feel wrong to rip them open......

What would YOU do?

January 31, 2015, 23:02
Hack-saw the bottoms off, and convert them to 5-round mags. :devil:

February 01, 2015, 01:26
If you do not need them or the money then stash them away they will be worth double in 5 years. I have new in wrap german ak74 mags that i bought years ago for $5 bucks each and i now see them sell used for $35. Ea. So in 10 more years what will they be worth new in wrap. I dont need them i have 40 more used ones that i paid $3ea.

February 01, 2015, 23:24
If you are interested in seeing that people will, indeed, pay a premium for factory-wrapped original magazines, do a little research on vintage M1 Carbine 10-round mags. The collectors DO value "factory original" at a decent premium, so if you can afford to hang on to them for a while, keep them wrapped up and list them in a few more years. Given the vintage on these magazines, already, it may be worth your while to go ahead and post them up on an HK forum/FunBroker/E-Pay and see what they may bring.

February 05, 2015, 10:48
If you take those over to HK Pro, someone will pay you enough money for them that you can go get a couple of 15 rounders and still have cash way more than your original investment. The HK people are so obsessed with everything Obendorf that NIW MP5 15 rounders would sell like ice water in Hell.

February 07, 2015, 15:11
I agree post it over in HKPro and let the lemmings bid it up they are a crazy obsessed bunch