View Full Version : Anyone in North Idaho area wanting a rail on their PTR/HK

January 31, 2015, 17:37
I'm new to H&K's and PTR's but was wondering, does anyone close by in North Idaho Panhandle/Mt.& Wa. area have one of these weapons and want that rail H&K make on their rifle? I have an idea I could attach them with the same system I use on FAL's with our LTR but have some doubts and need to see one before I know it would work.

I need to know and measure how much of the heat from the barrel/chamber is transferred to that sheet metal receiver area? How hot does it get shooting 2 or three mags fast? Anyone have an idea? Too hot to touch or... something cooler?
This looks like it might be a good case for an adhesive if the heat factor is no more severe than on an FAL. Less mess, no re-bluing, re-finishing or painting, less cost.

If anyone is in the Panhandle area has a H&K 91 or PTR & would be interested in finding out if this is a viable solution let me know. My friend has a gunsmithing shop so this would have to be done at his shop as it is a receiver, not just a top cover. You can reach me through the website for discussion.

January 31, 2015, 23:04
60 rounds in two minutes not to hot' but after 5 mags in four minutes it's pretty hot.

I'll try to think of anybody in the area. HK's are my thing and I'm on the HKPRO site a lot. Build them and weld the 1913 steel pictinny rail to the top of the receiver.

As to attachment with glue? Should be feasible US Space Shuttle attaches ceramic tiles to a steel /titanium hull and they mostly stay on and nothing on the G3 platform is going to get that hot!

January 31, 2015, 23:13
P.S. If you could do this could you look at the possibility of using a aluminum 1913 pictinny rail? Think "full length' with correct height spacer's for transitioning from receiver to cocking tube also were the cocking tube reduces down after the charging handle lays to rest in forward position.

This would be a real game changer because anytime you start butting heat on the receiver and/or charging handle you subject the weapon to warping...It doesn't always happen but it's metal and it will and one point or another.

February 01, 2015, 01:34
If you are wanting to make money doing this then spend some money buy a ptr91 mount your rail and test the shit out of it dont ask for someone elses gun to test on. Now order one you will love it.

February 01, 2015, 23:12
I've been down with the flu the past few days and just getting back now. Thanks for the info 1/325/ABN, Thanks & I appreciate the input. Once I can get my hands on one to examine I will make up my mind as to going forward or not. Your idea for a longer rail and such are probably good ones. It would definitely be in T6061 like my other LTR's.
I worked for a gent in Ft Myers, Fl. Bob Lewis that makes a belt feed conversion for that rifle. I might give him a call and see what kind of temperatures he has seen in the conversion work. It's always better when I can get hands on with a weapon and see what makes it tick, that's why I want to work with someone locally that has one. I will find someone eventually who shares in the idea that something else might work as well.