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January 30, 2015, 22:29
Picked this unit up from a local shop yesterday. I was inspired by one in the market place and it got me curious. I did some research and liked everything I was finding out about these rifles. One thing led to another and I ended up finding this low mileage one owner locally.
I unBubbaed it taking the ACE aftermarket stock that was on it and reinstalled the skeleton stock it originally was shipped with. The ACE stock would not allow you to get your face down low enough to use the open sights so outa here. I like the skeleton stock just fine. A word of note though is the butt stock is held on in a very different way, you turn the stud from the inside right hand thread that also has a left hand thread to the sling swivel, sort of weird but it works.
The rifle looks a little like an AK but it is defiantly not an AK. It uses a striker system like a Glock instead of a hammer which is different. It is lighter than an AK with no increase in felt recoil. It uses magazines that look like an AK's but the two are not interchangeable. A nice feature is it has a bolt hold open after the last round and they are made of aluminum so very light weight.
This is a CZ unit put together by Waffenwerks not a Century clone so it is a little pricier at $969.00 out the door with seven magazines and the Bubba stuff as well as the standard equipment. All is back to standard as shipped now as seen in the picture. The "Presto Log" composite furniture that is available would be just fine but I would have to give it a coat of paint though.
The picture sucks, sorry. Look them up on the net as there are much better pictures to be had there.
The only gripe I have is the front sight is canted slightly so the front post is off to one side more than the other but not so bad that I can not live with it. I am thinking of putting a set screw or two on the horizontal portion top behind the vertical. Plenty of room there for two small set screws instead of using the pins.
I ordered a Czech muzzle brake for it and any help with removing the stock thread protector would be great. I know it is a right hand 1-14 thread, righty tighty lefty loosey but are these things pinned or not, don't know?
Magazines are reasonable at $19 to $25 and spare parts can be found but they are scattered around.
If you are looking for something different this could be it. :)

February 01, 2015, 10:42
Here's how I did the thread protector on mine:


I've considered removing it again and installing the adapter I've seen that you blind pin on, that gives it legal length but still has the threads so you can change out to any muzzle device you want. But so far I've got no complaints with the Czech brake I put on it, so I've left it.

You did pretty well on the price for a D-Technik rifle with seven mags; those were selling new in around 2010 or so for $799 (IIRC), so under $1000 for one now with mags ain't bad if the condition is good. Great rifles.

February 01, 2015, 22:50
That is some great information!
Thank you very much. :)

February 05, 2015, 07:28
dude, you been robbed. waffenwerks is not a well regarded vendor, just middle of the road, and the century VZ58 from 2008 and on have a good rep and have been available in the last year with 5 mags and kit for $400 from PSA.

February 06, 2015, 00:14
Awesome! Thanks for pointing this out.

February 06, 2015, 15:12
dude, you been robbed. waffenwerks is not a well regarded vendor, just middle of the road, and the century VZ58 from 2008 and on have a good rep and have been available in the last year with 5 mags and kit for $400 from PSA.

Depends on if Waffenwerks actually built it, or if it's a D-Technik/Czech Small Arms import. If so, it was either imported by CZ-USA or Czechpoint, and if I remember right, they were imported with single-stack magwells. Those were farmed out to a couple of shops to open the magwells up. So if it has "Czechpoint" stamped on the reciever with "Waffenwerks", then the extent of Waffenwerks involvement was very limited - the bulk of the rifle was built in the Czech Republic. Since those rifles are now selling for around $1100-$1200 from Czechpoint, his price isn't too bad if that's what he's got.

February 06, 2015, 16:26
Yep, it is stamped D-Technik on the receiver. I will post up a photo of it this weekend.

February 07, 2015, 08:17
Does it also have "Czechpoint" or "CZ-USA" marked on it?

February 08, 2015, 07:10
This is stamped on the receiver.