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January 02, 2015, 22:59
So I stumbled on some AK47 Bulgarian circle 10 waffle black 30 round magazines. So my questions are what's the huge draw to them? I see the steel at the opening of the magazine, so ya the lock up nice. They are Mil. surplus lightly used. What are people willing to pay these days? I can't seem to find current prices for any. Also why are they so freaking exspensive? What AK's used them? Thanks I can post pics if needed, not sure if I am going to sell any of them or not. Thanks.

January 03, 2015, 06:54
I have one and I have to say it is a damn good mag, but they are quite expensive. I like how light they are compared to all my surplus steel mags. This is the only link Icould find for new ones.

January 03, 2015, 07:37
what's the huge draw to them? I see the steel at the opening of the magazine, so ya the lock up nice.

The draw is reliability. Steel reinforced body with metal front and rear lugs makes them lock up nice and very dependable. The waffle design also strengthens the mag body.

January 03, 2015, 11:21
I agree. Reliable, light weight. And you forgot to mention...... They look cool as hell! :wink: everybody has a mil surp metal mag or some Tasco bullsh**. Look like a real AK enthusiast when you pull out your bulgy waffles. Shows your commitment for only the best. :D

January 03, 2015, 11:22
They are the only synthetic magazine that is of high quality and reliable, and there has been a single importer, which has created an artificially high market.

I bought them by the chest when I was building AKs for resale, to sell with the guns. People would not buy them, even at my cost. which at the time was about $22.

I was ok with them using surplus steel, but when they used Crapco or Promag, and had malfunctions, then they wanted to blame my rifle. No, dude, it's your shitty mag!


January 03, 2015, 12:15
Ok we now know who has all the good mags wow

January 03, 2015, 12:25
That was for when I was building AKs for resale. I bought 500 Romy G kits when they were $99, and around 200 Bulgy 74 kits when they were $200.


Only have about 6 AK 47 mags left that I use for test-fitting and test-firing customer guns. I dumped 7.62x39. My AKs are all 5.45.


January 03, 2015, 13:16
I have stuck with the AK47 haven't owned a 74 yet. I think as I am growing as a builder I can see the draw to the 74, but I feel I am way to late to the party. I may never even own one as I have tried to consolidate calibers. I have so many in 7.63x39 I see me dumping them, nor do I see another caliber. I do wish I had picked with what I know now. But there are many good ones to build in the 47 line. Plus one of my pistols is hard to tell if it's a 74 or 47. I wish I could go back in time.

January 03, 2015, 15:12
way back when, the primary concern with the 5.45 was availability of ammo, should import cease. Nobody domestically made it. But my point was that nobody made it domestically, because there was no money in it. Import ammo sold for $0.08/rd. So I bought a pallet. Problem solved. Eventually, the price crept up to $0.12/rd, and I bought another 10k. Now import (of Russian anyway) has been suspended over the Putin/Crimea thing. So ammo has jumped in price to almost $0.25/rd. Which is still 2/3 the price of 5.56.

January 06, 2015, 12:55
not steel 556. i picked up brown bear for less than that when i was in wisconsin over the holidays. $240/1000

and barnaul imports have not been suspended, just tula and milsurp. doing business with russia continues to be difficult though.

January 07, 2015, 23:02
The Bulgarian 5.45x39 flavored Circle 10, 21, & 25 mil-surp magazines tend to sell (online prices) for between $25 and $30, depending largely circle number, color (black, brown, tan, firebrick red), and condition. From my experience, the real draw to these magazines versus the other available polymer magazines on the market is the metal reinforced feed lips and rear locking lug, as well as the slab-side "cool factor." I own one of the firebrick red ones, mostly because my 74 is Bulgarian...well, partially.

With respect to the 7.62x39 variants, there are both mil-surp and commercial ones out there. I have one of the Bulgarian, likely commercial, slab-side ones, which has a prominent silver "Made in Bulgaria" sticker on the side near the base plate. This version sells online, now, for as little as $10 a piece. The waffle style polymer Circle 10's (Arsenal, Inc.) seem to go for about $45. I also saw clear polymer ones on the market around 7 or 8 years ago. There are many, many more Bulgarian variants out there and I've found this site to be a pretty thorough reference: http://www.sadefensejournal.com/wp/?p=419.