View Full Version : Combloc…ever hear of this guy?

December 19, 2014, 17:15
You should, he’s one of those members that rates at the top with me.

He may use other names on other boards but you can always find his work.
The photo essays that he has taken the time to write are well written, in depth and very informative…I’ve enjoyed reading them.

Well, today a little package shows up on my doorstep, unbeknownst to me that he even sent it.
As soon as I saw the return address I thought “ no way!, did he really send me his Eltro B8 V!”…of course not, how could he fit it in a flat rate envelope, and if he did manage to make it fit …it probably doesn’t work by now anyway.

Long story short, do right by others, treat them fairly and it will come back to you when you least expect it.

Please don’t respond asking what showed up, that’s not the point of my post.
The fact that he took time to acknowledge me for a small gesture is more than what was ever expected.

Yeah, I could of just replied with a PM but I wanted this to make a little more of an impact than just saying thanks.

Regards Combloc, I do appreciate it.


December 20, 2014, 00:52
You are most welcome my friend. :smile: