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December 07, 2014, 11:12
When asked "What to do with my new 1911 when I get it?". Got this from another forum, but laughed my ass of at the similarities in this member's response (seems it happens here a lot). The answer ---

"First, take pictures of it new and post them in the appropriate "official" brand x photo thread so you can remember how it looked stock. Be sure to use a tough looking background. Camo or rocks always looks good. Old weathered barn wood or the tailgate of a beat up pickup are staples. Avoid images with lock picks and burglar tools in them.

Next, READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL! Others will chime in: "what instruction manual?" but there is one and it is a good reference.

Then, as others have said, shoot it 'till it bleeds, or your hands do, whichever comes first, to get to know it intimately. I don't know if the candles, alcohol, and KY jelly is necessary, but that's up to you.

Then of course comes the "dirty nasty pictures" also required for some of the forums. Again, choice of background is important. Dead animals is always a winner but in lieu of varmints, a B-27 target that you shot from ten feet and claim 100 yards works too. Be sure the powder burns don't show too bad or photoshop them out before posting.

Next, decide that you love everything about it, except one little thing, that you will write a 4 page "epic post" about and 100 other members will tell you 101 ways to fix it.

Then change out evey removable piece on it and replace with the newest state of the art gadget in aftermarket accessories. You can almost build a complete gun with the leftovers so save them in a safe spot.

Find a holster for it. This is no easy task. You will go through hundreds of them to find the "perfect" one, so dedicate one room of your house to keep them in. Save for about ten years and then let them go in a garage sale for a buck or two each.

All seriousness aside, just love it, shoot it, clean it, and listen to it. It will tell you what it needs."

December 07, 2014, 12:20
That is some funny but true stuff right there. :rofl: