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October 31, 2014, 18:56
anyone ever build one of these AP Int frames from the philipines?

November 02, 2014, 15:39
How much?

With Caspian frames available for $200, the AP would have to be a good frame for cheap to interest me.

I might go for a Rock Island frame, but haven't heard of AP Int. Google didn't pull up any info on them. I have built scratch 1911's before, but now I would buy a complete pistol and replace the parts I'm not happy with.

November 03, 2014, 16:37
Sarco had them for $99.00

thanks for your info


November 03, 2014, 17:46
anyone ever build one of these AP Int frames from the philipines?
Building a 1911 style pistol today makes no sense at all unless you;
1) Are reputable 1911 "recognized" pistol smith
2) Have an abundance of disposable cash
3) Or simply want the bragging rights that go along with building one

Unfortunately most guys will stay away from any 1911 pistol that has been "built" by an unknown with parts. They simply have no value in the secondary market especially with the vast assortment of pistols available today at just about any price point.

November 04, 2014, 08:13
Bragging rights is a plenty good enough reason to build a 1911 type pistol. Depending on the components you buy, you may not save any money but when done, you should have very good intimate knowledge of how the pistol functions. I want to do one myself as a dedicated .22 since I already own a conversion kit and have lots of parts.

January 23, 2015, 16:08
I've heard of the ATI line but not the one you mention, maybe a misspell. They make some light frames and also a Fatboy like the Para stuff. I like my Amigo and it's a Pilipino weapon. I too have a conversion I use a Kimber and it fits both my Colt Sr.70 and the Amigo, but clip hangs out the bottom of the Amigo. I'll see what I can dredge up on the AP inter if it 's a misprint or whatever. Good luck!

You're right, AP int is Armscorp here's a link to a sight I found and look down thru it as no pictures at the top one posting, keep scrooling down for the answer.

Pretty good shooting piece, should work nicely at your intended assignment.

January 23, 2015, 17:58
Checked the link that was supplied by nearmisses (for 1911forums). Not that I would trust too many over at 1911forums to know there rear from a hole in the ground when it comes to 1911s, or much of anything else for that matter, too many idiots and scum, but that seemed to have the one I looked at right.