View Full Version : So this old first gen charter arms undercover followed me home today

October 03, 2014, 22:25
Today I went to qualify for my duty weapon for mt Corrections job and after shooting one of the Sgt.'s asked me if I was interested in buying a .38. I followed him to his vehichle and he handed me this pristine looking charter undercover. He explained to me it had not hardly been shot and spent all it's years sitting in the drawer of his nightstand. I ended up taking it home for 100 dollars. I think I did ok. Does anyone have any opinion f these? Seems to be a no frills snubby well built.
http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc207/cwade550/Mobile%20Uploads/CAM01380.jpg (http://s212.photobucket.com/user/cwade550/media/Mobile%20Uploads/CAM01380.jpg.html)
http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc207/cwade550/Mobile%20Uploads/CAM01381.jpg (http://s212.photobucket.com/user/cwade550/media/Mobile%20Uploads/CAM01381.jpg.html)

October 03, 2014, 22:30
Great old revolvers for the money.....especially when the money was only $100....you scored on that one!! :beer:

October 03, 2014, 23:04
I agree, nice score.

October 04, 2014, 08:43
Very nice score! Well bought. Enjoy...

October 04, 2014, 09:57
I've got it's twin and only paid either $50 or $75 for it. They are good guns and rated for +P. Highly undervalued and a real sleeper on the market.

Nomad, 2nd
October 07, 2014, 03:25
I won't buy them for The $200/$200+ I keep seeing them at.
But for $100

Would of bought

October 07, 2014, 06:48
I think you got a hell of a deal. I would have definitely bought it. Congrats!

October 30, 2014, 16:21
I picked up an undercover new in a chrome finish,(only one I ever saw).
paid about $150.00 out the door. kept that gun for about 10 years, sold it for the $100.00 going price.
great five shot only problem I ever had was some of the chrome flaked off right at the bottom of the crane. nothing mechanical but cosmetic.
buy another ? sure and would not feel handicapped.
great gun, great pricing, well made, and made in the USA.


November 11, 2014, 22:48
At a C Note it would have followed me too. Have two in 38 and two in 44 special. Good functioning guns you wouldnf cry for months if stolen out of truck.

November 11, 2014, 23:16
Nice. I have an old Charter .44 Bulldog and it is an awesome pocket cannon.

November 24, 2014, 13:01
Nice. I have an old Charter .44 Bulldog and it is an awesome pocket cannon.

I found a used but recent .44 Bulldog for around $200 and snapped it up...because I had bought a NEW Charter Arms Off Duty concealed hammer .38 Spl. a few months earlier.

I am a S&W revolver fan and shooter since the 1970's, but when I tool the new CA Off Duty to the range for the first time, I was amazed by the way it felt in my hand, the great fat sights and the ACCURACY of the little snubby. 4 in the 10 ring with 1 flyer, from 15 yards the first time I shot it! I carry these 2 Charters pretty often and sold my S&W snubby soon after that, and later sold both my Ruger Security Six 2 3/4"ers as well.

Whatever bugs were inherent in the design of the old ones are gone...the NEWER Charters are great shooters, light, strong and reliable and still cheaper than the competition.

And I am not selling them.