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September 12, 2014, 19:53
I have a German Mauser in my collection that I've never paid much attention to even though I really love Mausers. I've never paid much attention to it because it has a spot on the top of the receiver in front of the typical date stamp that's been ground off. I never paid attention to this because I figured it was done as an anti German thing. But tonight while reading I came across the who as in who ground it off. Is this a Russian capture? What is the rough value of it with the German crest ground off?

September 12, 2014, 23:00
Could be. Called a redip around here. Mine was $280 from a private individual and I sold it to a dealer for $275 after burning a bazillion rounds through it.

September 13, 2014, 10:02
There was no German crest. Only the makers mark on top [byf.....etc,etc...] and date on the lower end. The Russian captures usually have a series of what look like X's stamped in various locations. Some have the date stamps ground out. One of mine does.

What will determine the value is if it is matching numbers and still have all the German /Nazi stamps on all the parts. A lot of Russian capture and Yugo captures ground as many Nazi stampings that were visible .[ The Yugo captures have the Yugoslavian crest stamped on them ]. A lot of them still have marks under the barrels, bolts , sights, just not visible unless you are looking for them or do some disassembly. , Matching wood [stock and handguard]also increases the value.

A lot of them, but not all, have matching numbers on all parts, but the bolt will be different, but usually matching itself. I understand this to be because they were required to pull the bolts out when surrendering and stacking their weapons. When they were re-assembled bolts were just grabbed from the piles and put into the rifles.

A while back and maybe still, Wideners had some for sale that were nonmatching for around $400.00 . I haven't checked their website in awhile though

edit.. Got my curiosity up and did some checking


September 13, 2014, 12:01
Hmmm... All serial numbers match including the stock. I'll take a closer look and maybe take photos.