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September 10, 2014, 09:26

From an article in Assegai, January 1980:
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"Halbek Compensator - Mark 6/FN

The "Halbek Compensator - Mark 6/FN" is a patented accessory which fits onto the 22mm diameter combined flash hider/grenade launcher which is fitted to the FN FAL R1 infantry rifle. By re-directing gas it completely overcomes all muzzle climb, even on automatic fire.

When the rifle is fired by right handed persons the muzzle tends to climb at about 45degrees to the right (say 2 o'clock). When the rifle is fired by left handed persons the muzzle tends to climb at about 45degrees to the left (say 10 o'clock).

The compensator has 3 holes in the top. The flash hider has three gas discharge holes in each of the positions.

When the lever is correctly positioned the block at the back of lever will rest firmly against the barrel on the one edge and the back of the flash hider on the another edge. The spring is then snapped onto the barrel.

To remove the compensator the spring is pressed off the barrel using a hat or handkerchief for finger protection if it is hot. The lever will swing away from the barrel allowing the compensator to be slid off the flash hider. The lever cools down rapidly and can be held when replacing the compensator onto the flash hider."


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"In my experience, I found the FN difficult on full auto. You were concentrating on wrestling with the weapon to control it, and ended up with long bursts etc. I have one of those compensators, given to me by a friend in 4RR. One of the neat features was that it could be used by either a right or left handed shooter. It deflected muzzle gases up at a 45 degree angle to the left or right, depending on how you mounted it. The rifle was then rock steady, so you could work on trigger control, and I could fire off a whole mag in 2 round bursts."
Veteran from 4RR (aka 4th Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment)

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