View Full Version : FAL muzzle device onto a GSG 1911-22 w/ threaded bbl?

September 03, 2014, 20:50
Does an adapter exist (or can one be made relatively cheaply) that will go from the 9x.75 mm OEM thread to something a FAL device could use? I've found quite a few that go to the "standard" US 1/2-28 - could I use a second adapter to go from 1/2-28 to whatever the FAL I select uses? Floating between all of 'em really, and I realize I'd have to cut a Stoll down so that the threads started right at the end.


I just wanna do this for giggles at the range, but of course I want it to be safe - if strikes, 'nanner peels, etc are probable I don't wanna do it. Will pistol function w/ such a device? I know it works with suppressors, but they may generate just enough extra back pressure to let it work.

September 04, 2014, 06:16
I'm not quite sure what you want to do. What exactly do you mean when you say FAL muzzle device? Are you taking about muzzle break? Would it be simpler to use the GSG adapter with the 1/2-28" thread and make what ever muzzle device you want to fit onto that? An adapter on an adapter really doesn't make much sense.

I have one of the GSG adapters mounted on my ATI STG44 and I mount my .22 cal. suppressor on it. Works really nice. Here are some pictures.

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t308/i422twains/PICT0216_zps8313eb9e.jpg (http://s163.photobucket.com/user/i422twains/media/PICT0216_zps8313eb9e.jpg.html)

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t308/i422twains/PICT0217_zpsb5e54e72.jpg (http://s163.photobucket.com/user/i422twains/media/PICT0217_zpsb5e54e72.jpg.html)

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t308/i422twains/PICT0219_zpsffc47750.jpg (http://s163.photobucket.com/user/i422twains/media/PICT0219_zpsffc47750.jpg.html)

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t308/i422twains/PICT0220_zpsc19fcc1d.jpg (http://s163.photobucket.com/user/i422twains/media/PICT0220_zpsc19fcc1d.jpg.html)