View Full Version : red dot mount on model 64 savage

August 11, 2014, 15:22
has anyone mounted a red dot on a 22 rimfire bolt action savage model 64.?

what kind of mount/ adapter did you use to go from the 3/8 inch to a picatinny rail?

I was looking at putting a bushnell trs-25 on the rimfire.


Timber Wolf
August 12, 2014, 11:16
Hmmm, I wonder if the red dot mount might not just clamp on down on the smaller rail? Might be worth trying a cheapie out to see.

August 12, 2014, 21:29
I ordered out a 3/8 to picatinny rail and the trs-25.
will post when I get it and test it.
my wife is not into shooting an ar-15 (or ruger mini 14)
needless to say, FAL's and M1A's are also a NO GO for her.
I figure she will have enough strength to deal with this.
I know if I was a crook and someone was sending ten 22's my way I'd get out of Dodge.
She also does not like shooting a model 586 stoked with 38 specials.
She does not have any mechanical aptitude at all to jack a slide.
I even bought her a 22 magnum revolver and she likes that less then the 586.
I'm wondering what I'm going to do as the years add on and so does this crappy arthritis. Sometimes I have a hard time jacking the slide on my 1911.

August 14, 2014, 22:55
got the trs 25 today,
now waiting for the 3/8 to picatinny rail adapter.
will keep you posted.
wife likes the red dot. (that's good news)

August 19, 2014, 19:22
got the "UTG Low Profile .22/Airgun to Picatinny/Weaver Rail Adaptor " yesterday and mounted the trs 25 red-dot.
I sighted in on the wall with the iron sights, then, without moving the rifle, I sighted in on the slab side of the rifle receiver to see where it was pointing. This way I could verify if I moved the rifle when mounting the adapter and red dot.
After mounting it, I verified via the slab side was in the same place and looked through the red dot. It was off about 8 clicks of windage. I dialed in the windage.
Then I aimed it at the door and found a straight edge to put the front sight on,
I adjusted the red dot to be on the same straight edge but about 2 inches high as that is how much higher then the bore it is. I never adjusted the elevation.
Went to the indoor range today and put the target at 20 feet and fired ONE sighter (HEY, 22 ammo is hard to come by). It was about 1 inch to the right and I figured since I was shooting offhand after a 1/2 of a pot of coffee that I'd leave it alone and go for a group.
I moved the target out to 25 yards (max range at this place) and proceeded to shoot FIVE 10 round groups. Each group was centered nicely and was about 4 inches. This was offhand and the red dot itself is 2 MOA.
I am very pleased with the function of the Savage Model 64 semi auto rifle,
the trs 25 Bushnell red dot and the mount. Now, I have to "engineer" a bigger bolt handle so I can get more then 1/2 of one finger on it. My wife will never be able to jack the bolt as it is.
The magazine is a MUTT to load (although NOT as hard as a ruger mark I magazine without a tool). It also has a STIFF spring holding it in. That sucker will NEVER fall out. I've already got an idea on how to fix that.
All in all, it was a good day.
I shot Federal Gold number 711B which I bought back around Nov 2000.
I also shot the first group with the federal bulk 525 package that I bought at Galvans (or Galyans) in 1996 for 6.95 cents.
The 711B was tighter by an inch.