View Full Version : Remington 241 - Forearm removal

August 02, 2014, 21:52
My dad recently bought a pretty nice Remington 241. Thinks it's made in 1937 according to the serial number. He can't seem to figure out how to take the forearm off. Is there any special trick?

I haven't looked at it myself, but he's pretty good at fixing things and this has him stumped. The wood has been refinished. He's wondering if the previous owner finished the wood without removing it and may have somehow stuck the forearm to the barrel. He can't see any finish on the metal that would indicate this, but it came to mind.

He hasn't tried forcing it off, he's afraid he may damage it. He's taken off the screw on the bottom of the forearm, and can't see anything remaining that should keep the forearm from separating from the barrel. Any ideas?


August 03, 2014, 10:45
Everything I know about the Remington 241, I learned watching youtube?

August 03, 2014, 13:26
Haven't seen any videos that deal specifically with removing the forearm from the barrel. They show disassembly of the action, takedown procedure, etc., but haven't seen one regarding the forearm.


August 04, 2014, 20:47
IIRC there`s just 1 screw that holds it on. It`s in the middle of the forearm. The back of the forearm fits in the "bulkhead" of sorts that the bbl screws into. The bbl will come off by pushing the button on the side of the receiver back, then unscrewing the bbl assy 1/4 turn...

December 03, 2015, 22:06
Ended up being a little excess stock finish applied by the previous owner. Guess he refinished it without taking the forearm off the barrel.