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July 28, 2014, 10:42
First off- the video shots are going to have to be reshot- poor lighting and unfamiliar camera with operator. So here's the review of what I found and I will reshot the vid with pictures.
-Kit is nicely packaged and wrapped securely. Each piece comes wrapped separately- more presents to open.
-The barrel on one kit had a lot of rust in it- brown dust cloud preceded the first patch through. After thorough cleaning it is left with pitting. Still shot well, though. 2nd barrel in perfect condition. Check your barrels. I suspect whoever he got to plate the parts didn't completely rinse out the solution and oil well. Also, the finish came off the ejector(?) plate of the magazine assembly with the bore cleaner I was using to clean the residue off after firing. Back to bare silver metal.
-The older DSA receivers are too tight to get the bolt unit to slide down the bolt carrier cuts- got it about half way down. This particular receiver is over 10 years old. And it's got the suppressor on it cause I wanted to shoot subsonics through it for Shxts and giggles. Oh well. The newer DSA receivered G-1 is the one I shot. Also fit easily into a Coonan and an Imbel. I have to figure if I'm going to lap the rails of the kit with fine valve lapping compound or just not shoot it in anything but my G-1 and Rhodie.
-One magazine had 2 sets of rivet holes in it. This particular magazine was damaged when I tried to insert it into my L1A1 (older DSA also) and it bent the ejector plate and popped it off the rivet/roll pin that holds it onto the front of the magazine insert.
Both the barrel and the magazine are going back to Kerbelgehaus for replacement as soon as we both get back from our vacations.
-The barrel insert goes in with the 2 parallel raised ridges UP. I had to turn it slightly to get it past the ejector but it seated firmly against the chamber face. The bolt unit slides in until the bolt is against the .22 chamber and the topcover replaced and the rifle action shut.
-load 10 rounds into the magazine assembly and carefully insert the magazine into the mag well. Do not force. It might be tight. It might be loose but it will lock up normally and not have any or very little play. Chamber the first round by pulling back on the charging handle and releasing. You may have to bump the charging handle back forward to lock into position. Take safety off and shoot.
-no recoil whatsoever. Your grandmother or 7 yr old will be able to shoot this rifle!!!!!!!!-
-The Armscorp copper plated HP, Aguila Extra, and Remington Yellow Jackets had the best groups. The Winchester Super X is still crappy and has poor QA in their powder loading room. There was only 1 FTF and I suspect it's because I lost count and managed to load 11 rounds into the magazine. After the round was cleared it shot the rest of the magazine w/o any problems. I shot all 4 magazines and both kits barrels and bolts units. Total round count through one barrel was 60 rounds and about 40 through the other.
I am extrememly pleased with the performance of the kits- you will be glad you waited for these. My brother is getting the good barrel, one bolt unit and 2 good magazines for his BD and I'll be sending back the barrel and one magazine for replacement. Like I said- video to follow as soon as I can reshoot it- maybe Tuesday afternoon. LAFAL

July 28, 2014, 17:41
Thank you for the honest review.
I'm going to built 1 Williams receiver as a dedicated .22.
My other kit I'm going to move around
Thinking I should have gone with a shorter barrel on one
So the mags only take 10 rds reliably ?

August 01, 2014, 17:52

video of the test fire. The camera operator only got shots 6 through 10 on the video. The magazines worked fine with the exception of the buggered up one and one fit in a little loose but worked.

August 01, 2014, 18:17
Fantastic just to see it working in the non-prototype stage!

Thanks for the footage

Cheers :bow:

August 03, 2014, 11:41
Did you have issues loading more then ten rounds at a time?

August 04, 2014, 22:06
Yep, you can load 11 or 12 rounds in it but it will FTF or not eject and extract until the 10 round capacity is reached.

August 05, 2014, 10:08
I guess I need to go back (after vacation) and check the mags with a 20 rd load. Sorry about the confusion- I really thought they were 10 rounders like the old M261 or the new AR conversions. My bad.

October 10, 2014, 09:33
UPDATE: I received the reworked kits and was able to testfire all magazines loaded to 20 rounds. The heavy barrel Israeli fal was the only one that the kit wouldn't function in. Alas, it would fire the chambered round, extract the spent brass, eject and chamber the next one BUT the hammer would not reset and would follow the bolt forward. I suspect the heavier hammer might have too much mass for the recoil to overcome and reset????? (I'm a med tech not a gunsmith.....)
The L1A1 on the newer DSA receiver once again mangled an ejector plate- the underside of the receiver needs to be filed back a little as so not to pinch the ejector plate and turn it up/sideways when seating the mag. So be careful when you insert your magazines in the first time. Make sure you're able to seat them with little or no pressure when you rock them back to catch the magazine catch. If there's a lot of resistance consider altering the underside of the receiver's feed lips just enough to allow the ejector plates to pass w/o touching. Locking the bolt to the rear before inserting the magazine helped.
The rifles tried (Coonan Rhodie, old DSA G-1 and new DSA STG) all ran 20 rounds without a hiccup (with the exception of the HB). I removed the HB top cover and was able to push the trigger down to catch the sear and fire single shot but who wants that? I'm extremely pleased with the way they turned out and the work Kurbelgehaus has put into this system.

October 18, 2014, 21:54
Thanks for the update!

October 18, 2014, 22:06
I wonder how CI mini Mag would work ...