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July 23, 2014, 22:04
Good day to all.

I have been a long time fan of CZ rimfires, and have finally decided to post some of my experiences with them.

I started through the process of getting my first suppressor last fall (Silencerco Sparrow SS), and have spent this spring and early summer aligning my rimfire fleet around this new capability. It just so happened that CZ started to offer this very convenient little suppressor ready carbine (SRC hereafter in this post) at about that time. I put it on the 'wish list' at my local gun store, and about 3 months later, here it came.

I picked up the carbine; the fit and finish are typical of what I expect of CZ; high. The trigger was actually the biggest surprise; right out of the box it was set at around 3 lbs, with a little bit of creep. By far the best CZ trigger I have felt out of the box. The 16.5" barrel, and 'soft touch' synthetic stock combined for a very light weight, handy little rifle. The rifle came to my shoulder quickly and naturally, and pointed well.

I had a Leupold VX-1 4-12 sitting in some Burris rings (not my favorite, but all I had sitting around at the moment) that I threw on the rifle, and went out to sight it in.


My primary goal for this rifle, when I first got it, was pest control around the house; with that in mind, I sighted it in at 50 yards. I took about 7 or 8 different loads with me to get a feel for the rifle's preference.

Shooting was done from a Lead Sled; the wind was nil; it was approximately 60 degrees and cloudy. I'll spare the mediocre loads, and just cut to the high lights; all groups are 5 shot.

CCI Mini Mag 40 Grain - .3"


Remington Sub Sonic Hollow Point - .4"


That was right out of the gate; none of the other loads tested (pretty much all basic bulk type ammo) went over 1", most hovered around the .6" to .75" mark at 50 yards. The rifle exceeded all my expectations of it.

I regularly shoot gophers over in Eastern MT, and threw the SRC in the case. The place I go, I rarely shoot at over 200 yards, so the .17 HMR sees essentially all the action, usually. I took the SRC out at the end of day, and was shocked at the accuracy of it, I was able to consistently make good hits on gophers out to 120 and 130 yards; this was with the scope dialed to 50 yards, and having to holdover significantly. I took the SRC on the next gopher trip, and did the majority of my shooting with it. This is easily the most accurate .22LR rifle I've ever owned.

I plan on benching it again at the end of the season, and seeing if putting thousands of rounds through it, and breaking it in will have any effect on the accuracy. For now, I'm just extremely pleased with this rifle, and another quality CZ product.

July 24, 2014, 10:27
Nice write-up. I assume from the lack of mention that you haven't received your stamp yet for the suppressor. If you started last fall you should be getting close. Hopefully you were able to purchase from dealer stock in state and are just waiting on one form4.

You're going to like shooting subsonic with the muzzle can, although I've never heard much good about the Remington fodder. Reports of erratic velocity and more than just a few misfires. All the suppressed .22 rifle shooting I do is through integrals and they port enough gas to bring bulk ammo down to subsonic so I've never bothered with SS ammo myself. If your shooting is out in the open and away from populations you might prefer shooting super-sonic loads through the can. It'll be louder, but still hearing safe, and it'll give better range.