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June 20, 2014, 15:40
I went to my friend's gun shop to pickup some money he owed me for some gun sales. I took one of his guns in exchange for some of the cash; a nice, in the box, with all the papers and target, German made Sig P-220 chambered in .45 acp. I now have two P-220s in two of the original calibers; .38 Super and this .45; only missing a 9mm copy.

What's nice about this is the Sig 220 .22 cal conversion unit I bought from someone on another forum; it fits and functions on this frame because it has a button slide release instead of heel release......


Here's the P-220 family:


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June 20, 2014, 17:15
IMHO you can never go wrong picking up a classic P series Sig if it is in decent condition and the price is right.

I have only one P220 in .45 ACP purchased NIB in 1995. Two P226's, one 9mm and the newest one in .22lr. One P229 purchased in 1995 in .357 Sig and later on I bought a factory barrel chambered for the.40 S&W for it. And one Swiss made P210-6.....

I found that the 226 .22lr slide fits the 220 frame but I would have to purchase the 220 .22lr magazines in order to shoot it. Not really worth the cost given that using the 220 frame with the .22 slide is virtually identical to just shooting the 226 as is.

I have only once even seen a .38 Super P220 at a gunshow some years ago. It was a bit on the pricey side but in retrospect I should have bought it. Ditto a 9mm P220. But it had the Euro heel mag catch and finding extra mags for it would have been difficult. I have a least five mags for every P series Sig I own except for the 210-6. I make do with the four I have. Priced a Swiss made 210 mag lately? Upwards of $200 a pop and that is for a used one.

And so it goes.

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June 20, 2014, 22:03
I paid $900 for the .38 Super, with 3 magazines; $175 for the .22 Conversion Unit, and $700 for the .45. The prices I saw on Gunbroker suggest I got a good deal on the .38 Super and a fair deal for the .45; and the conversion unit, complete with 2 magazines, sight tool, allen wrench, and manual was a steal at the price I got it for…

My best Sig deal ever (other then the $375 P6 back when) was trading a Kahr CW-9 that I got out the door for $325 (with three magazines etc) for a P228, like new, in the box, with 3 magazines…yep straight up trade! I sent that off to Mississippi for $825!

I learned in my custom knife dealings about a group of people commonly known as the "Buy High, sell Low Club"! You know the type - they just have to have it…now; pay premium $$$ for it; and then a week or two later they find another knife (or gun) that they have to buy…but need to sell their last buy to raise $$$ for the new one! I've got some great knives and guns that way!

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June 21, 2014, 15:46
Buy High, Sell Low.....

I used to know someone like that. He would buy a new handgun at MSRP or close to it and then without ever taking it out to the range he would bring it back to the dealer he bought it from and put it up for consignment sale at a lower price. I bought a NIB nickel plated Beretta 84fs Cheetah .380 with the fancy wooden grips that he paid $700 for. I got it for $500. Then he put up a NIB S&W 1911 with the adjustable target sights and the ambi safety. He paid $1050 for it and I walked it out the door with me for only $700.

Oh well, it takes all kinds.....

And so it goes.

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