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May 17, 2014, 23:59
I have been very busy lately with my new to me M44 made in 1944. I got a fairly nice one off of Gun Broker, nice bore and decent wood. I stripped all the years and old varnish off and gave it a bit of walnut stain and Tung Oil rub down. There are stains from the old finish that are there forever as well as the arsenal markings so it's history is not all gone.
I did the required checkout of bolt condition and firing pin protrusion and all checked out just fine. First sight in set the front sight dead center, which is a blessing. The rear sight needed to be set at 400 yards to get on target. This was done with the bayonet removed.
In the refinishing process I found that the rear action screw was bottomed out before the action was pulled down tight, bummer. I made up a shim to fit under the rear screw which fixed this issue for now. Both front and rear screws are tight and so is the receiver to the wood now.
I put the bayonet back on and gave it a go. What I found out was that now the point of impact was over a foot low and more than a foot left, wow!
So I pulled the bayonet off again and now it is back on target with the rear sight set on 300 to place the point of impact at 2 inches high at 130 yards. I could drop it to 200 and it would be right on the button I am thinking. I can carefully file the front sight post down to get it regulated correctly but I will wait a bit before making a permanent alteration to the front post height.
The trigger is sort of mushy but I can live with it.
So, what I found is that with the bayonet attached, folded and extended, the point of impact was greatly effected in a negative way. Stands to reason that having a chunk of metal attached to the end of the barrel will and does have a very marked effect on where the bullet impacts.
I have read that these rifles were made to shoot with the bayonet installed and extended but with this rifle defiantly with the bayonet installed makes for a very poor shooting rifle. The open sights are not all that great but in my opinion they are better than the Mauser 98K's tiny pointed acorn front sight for my old eyes.
Overall this is a nice little rifle and shoots most likely better than I can when all is said and done. I can keep it within three inches at 130 yards with a called flier here and there. Recoil is mild in my opinion and the report is unknown because I wear ear muffs when shooting off a bench, no reason to ruin my hearing at this late date. I have read that the report is rather loud being a short carbine with a full boat cartridge.
I got this rifle for right about $275.00 I think and it was worth it to me for the nice picture of the bore provided in the add. No pitting, good rifling with no counterbore at the muzzle.
My recommendation would be get one if you can find a good one like mine and check the action screws after you get it home. I am planning on doing a little bedding work on it but it works just fine with the thin shim under the rear action screw head so it tightens the action down properly. On the bottom side there are steel shims front and rear but nothing on the top side.
Nice little carbine and some fun interesting history. As for the bayonet, for use picking up trash in the yard only. :)

May 18, 2014, 08:14
If I'm not mistaken, these rifles were sighted in at the arsenal with bayonets afixed, or extended. Yes, bayonets greatly affect point of impact, especially these shorter carbines.

May 18, 2014, 13:45
So the story goes but this one does not like the bayonet attached at all.

V guy
May 21, 2014, 10:14
The bayonet, it must be pointed out is the narrow pig sticker type, not the Garand type....when the zombies come with that new virus, you will be very happy that you put it back on..........thin ones come out faster.......... AND the butt is pretty solid too, for a club.

Gotta get me one.

May 21, 2014, 10:44
Both of my Mosin's shot left with out the bayonet. I adjusted and leave them at home. I know where to set them if bayonet is on. About a foot left is the normal I have found as well. As for height mine were not as drastic as yours odd.