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April 19, 2014, 22:28
OK, Michigan made SBR's legal a few weeks ago. With the whole uncertainty of the CLEO sign off coming up (mine won't sign, and believe me, in Wayne County, MI, home of Detroit, I don't think there is another way), I'm trying to start getting some Form 1s in the mail. I have a trust, and I've bought some suppressors, but have never done a Form 1.

So here is the question: How do you measure the length "Overall"? Stock open or closed?

April 19, 2014, 23:02
I’ve SBR’ed an AK and an AR on my trust. I used the over all length (stock extended or open). Once it’s an SBR it’s an SBR. What I’m trying to say is I can take the 10.5” upper off of my AR and put whatever I want on it.

I’m waiting on 2 more SBR stamps and a stamp for another can as we speak

What caliber suppressors did you get?


ETA… your state laws may be different than mine

April 19, 2014, 23:33
Couple of 22s a 308, 223, and a 45. Think I have most bases covered.

April 19, 2014, 23:59

you need to download it then you can fill it out and print it off