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Old Sarge
April 02, 2014, 16:17
Hi All
Just out of curiosity what is the difference in a Sig 228 and a Sig 229? They both look pretty much the same as far as I can tell?

Old Sarge

April 02, 2014, 16:44
Sig 228 only came in 9mm I had one before it was stolen. Also, the P228 did not have the rail interface. When they released it as M11 A1 they increased the mag capacity to 16 from 13. Not sure how they did that

P228 Text is courtesy of Wikipedia. P228A compact version of the P226, the P228, is also respected worldwide and is currently in use with the US military (notably with the Army CID, Air Force OSI, and Naval Aviation), designated the M11 and is also the standard issue handgun of the Swedish Police. It is also used by many police agencies around the world, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).The P228 has a shorter slide and barrel than the P226. Unlike the P226, the P228 is available only in 9x19mm Parabellum with a 13 round magazine, but can also use P226 15 round magazines. The P229 is nearly identical to the P228, but it has a one piece solid steel (vs. the P228's carbon stamped steel) slide and is available in 9 mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG. From a distance, the P228 can be differentiated from the P226 by comparing the trigger guards (the P228's is curved, while the P226's is slightly hooked) and the barrel and slide lengths (the P228's barrel is 12.7 mm shorter, thus having a corresponding shorter slide). Also in a side by side comparison the P228 would appear slightly shorter (2.5 mm shorter) than the P226. The larger capacity P226 magazine can also be employed in the P228 although it extends from the base of the grip. It is also available in the 'Ladies Escort' version with an adapted trigger for women with extra small hands. Manufacture of the P228 was discontinued with the introduction of 9mm chambering in the P229.

April 03, 2014, 14:14
the big difference is a carbon steel stamped/welded slide versus a stainless one piece slide on the 229. The higher power of the .40 cartridge necessitated the different slide for more strength. Also note there are 2 different 229s, early German and US made ones and the newer 229-1. The difference is the mag, the 229-1 mag is a bit wider and will not fit into a older 229.

April 03, 2014, 14:41
Also without a rail and the welded slide assembly, it makes the 228 almost 3 oz lighter than the 229 (29.1oz versus 32oz). they also do not offer the DAK (Double Action Kellerman), SAS (SIG Anti Snag), or other modern enhancements on the 228.

April 06, 2014, 11:23
The 229 frame is a little thicker to handle the .357/.40 that the pistol was designed around.

April 07, 2014, 12:31
The P228 feels lighter and more balanced that the P229. I have the legacy slide P229 and you can feel the difference.

I do not have experience with the newer, long extractor P229.