View Full Version : Never been much of a revolver fan, but

March 26, 2014, 17:31
I have never been much of a revolver man but I have acquired a Smith and Wesson Pro Series, 3" barrel, 357 mag, 5 shot. This gun fits my hand like no other revolver ever. It has adjustable sights and the front it tritium. This gun handles and shoots like a dream. If they make one in 327 mag I just might pick up one of those too. Smiths are expensive but after handling Rugers and such, I now understand why they are so expensive. Oh and that trigger, excellent right out of the factory . Nine's and such are fun to shoot but there is something really fun about shooting a magnum.

I now have a better understanding and appreciation for Smith's. I gather this gun is new and has a different frame designation. I forgot what it is called but I really like it.

It is a beauty.

March 27, 2014, 15:02
Do you need a key to start it? :tongue:

Not familiar with the latest from S&W, but my old K and N frames are favorites. I am without a Smith .357 mag right now amd wouldn't mind picking up a nice L-Frame. S&W has been bad-mouthed for quite awhile about their quality slipping and such. Glad to hear you're a happy six-gunner now, whoops, make that a five-gunner. :D