View Full Version : Bolt speed and gas setting?

March 23, 2014, 01:24
I had my rifle at the range and noticed a ka-chunk with each shot as the case ejected. I am curious as to whether this is normal, or perhaps the port should be opened a bit so the gun cycles faster. The yellow arrows are lined up. Which way opens the port?

March 23, 2014, 15:36
* Control of gas operation 4 positions by gas regulator rotation.
o O - Closed position, when firing a rifle grenade
o L - Full open position, in adverse condition
o M - Medium open position, in normal condition
o S - Small open position, extreme heat

The gas regulator is mounted at the front to the cylinder and has a milled cap which can be rotated to one of the positions marked respectively O, L, M and S. To rotate the gas regulator, depress the detent (see figure below) and rotate the gas regulator. At 'O' the valve is fully closed, no gas passes to the cylinder, may be used for launching rifle grenades. The normal firing position is with the regulator set on 'M' and 'L' is an oversized port reserved for those occasions when the rifle is lacking in energy due to fouling, entry of the sand or snow or "light" loads. and 'S' is an undersized port reserved for the occasion when the rifle is excessive in energy, due to extreme heat or "hot" loads.