View Full Version : SIG P224 Review

March 21, 2014, 13:04
I picked up my P224 SAS DAK yesterday and went shooting.

First impressions are of a well made pistol, but I am not crazy about the plastic grips, they were the only thing on the 224 that felt cheap. Fit and finish was excellent. I bought it to replace my P229 as my carry gun.

I have average sized hands and the gun felt comfortable, I really wish the grip was 1/4" longer so my pinky would rest on it. The DAK trigger is smooth and breaks cleanly but is not as nice as the SA/DA on the 229. Accuracy was excellent with 4 of 5 shots touching at 7 yards. The 5th shot was a flyer as my pinky slipped off the grip while shooting. recoil was a bit more than the 229 as expected, but not significantly more.

The 3 friends with me all agreed with me, it was nice but the 229 was a level above it in shootability.

Overall I like it but wished I had gotten the SRT trigger instead of the DAK.

March 22, 2014, 21:35
Yeah you can't beat the old models, 220, 228, 229 and 226. Ill keep my old models. They are the best.