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August 30, 2000, 13:56
Are there any advantages to using the free-float handguards on a FAL which:

a. has the original barrel, not a DSA replacement

b. is shot semi-auto, as opposed to turning off the gas system and cycling manually

c. has not been otherwise "accurized" in any way

d. has either the full gas tube or short gas tube

The way I see it, any accuracy gain from the ff handguards would not be noticable taking the inherent inaccuraries of the rifle into account, so they wouldn't do much besides look neat.



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August 30, 2000, 17:16
The big advantages of the FF handguard are two fold.

1.By not contacting the barrel, the barrel is allowed to vibrate the same way with each shot (the vibration is not altered by outside influences). This gives better shot to shot consistancy. Is it a huge improvement in accuracy? Well, it helps, but not as much as a match grade barrel. Given a choice, I'd buy a match barrel first, handguards second.

2.If you use a bipod the improvement is the most noticable. When the bipod is attached to a standard handguard or the barrel you WILL notice a change in point of impact. The diffence can be huge on some rifles between bipod and non-bipod shooting because of the influence the bipod has on the barrel. With the bipod attached to a FF handguard there is no change in POI whether you're using the bipod or not. This is probably the single biggest advantage of a FF handguard.

But lets not forget the "cool" factor. IMO the FF handguards simply look and feel better than the issued handguards. It is also somewhat easier to attach Harris bipods to the FF.

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February 01, 2002, 18:37
I like that you can tight-sling a floated rifle and not affect your point of impact.

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