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January 24, 2014, 16:40
Ok I have two old H&R Leatherneck Rifles. One is a model 151 the other is a 165. Now to make this shorter and to the point I started off with the 165 which has a old scope on it and is missing the factory peep site, I found a used 151 for a great price with a peep site and it came with a ten round magazine, we will not talk about the ten round magazine as it has been modified by the prior owner and I am sure that that is why it does not work. so I went to the 2 five round magazines that have worked just fine in the 165. everything has been great I had maybe one hanger that did not eject out of 100 rounds not a bid deal as hey these are old rifles chalk it up to age. Well as we know 22 ammo is not like it use to be where the gun store had every brand in the world for little to no cost at all. I remember I use to only buy 22 ammo only by the brick. So I was shooting American Eagle I am sure we have all seen it in the Red box yellow lettering eagle on it made by Federal 38 grain Plated lead hollow point. Well I was having some much fun with these and I was thinking about selling one ( I still can't figure out which one to keep ) to fund another project. I wanted to see how accurate each one was. So I grabbed a few boxes of some different ammo in fact some was even match grade, and headed to the range. This is where everything went to hell. I have had issue after issue. Failure to eject, hangers, and even a few failure to fires? A lot of fires, ejects spent round, but then does not close all the way on the next round. UGH I have tried cleaning them from top to bottom, complete tear down which is easy as they are super simple. So it looks like some parts interchange but I am not 100% on that and which ones. I am guessing that I need a new retracting spring? now Numrich shows one for the 151, but not the 165. they look the same but I am not sure.

So here are my questions I guess is do you think I am on the right track with replacing that spring?
Does any one know if they are the same? I guess I could call Numrich but I am not sure if I trust them 100% PLEASE some one help me

January 24, 2014, 20:15
Guy, Honestly I have not had good luck with American Eagle in older autoloaders. Try some CCI blazer with 40grain roundnose bullets, Works good in some of my finicky rifles. Also seems to be the only ammo my Chiappa 1911 .22 likes.

January 24, 2014, 20:55
Any wax build up at the chamber mouth? Crud and nastyness anywhere else?

Give a good detail cleaning, esp on the bolt, bolt face, firing pin (and the channel it goes thru), chamber face, etc.

January 24, 2014, 21:11
CCI Mini-Mags are my "gold standard" by which I judge all other .22 LR rounds, and my go-to for use as a "diagnostic" load. In my experience, I have found that if a firearm doesn't cycle properly with Mini_mags, there is definitely something wrong with that firearm.