View Full Version : Which older SIG556 to choose?

oz in SC
January 01, 2014, 23:41
Have two to choose from.
One is a SIG556 Commando,all original,no diopter sight,just has the 'paddle pop' emergency sight.Like the look,not too jazzed with the AR stock.

Second is another ER SIG556,that has a lot of aftermarket work,Adco firearms barrel work with a permanently attached battlecomp 2. Has diopter sights, kns pivot pins. Swiss handguards with rails. AGP side folding stock.

Price difference is negligible,but the second rifle is more,however I would need to buy rear sights for the first.

Also what is the going rate for an older ER 556?

January 02, 2014, 12:43
Man, I need to get more sleep-- I thought I responded to this already, but I must have hit preview instead of submit.

Anyway, check both for a Swiss barrel and Swiss bolt/carrier. Swiss BCs will be metallic grey in color and have matching numbers (between the two). US BCs will be black. Nothing wrong with all US parts rifles (this is what I own) but the Swiss hybrids are more sought after. Also, check the bolt face, and barrel/throat for any bare metal contact.

Both should be nice rifles, but the ER sounds like a better deal on paper. Good luck, and be sure to post some pics of the one you go with. Sure do love my 556.