View Full Version : Romanian Cugirs worth messing with?

December 26, 2013, 18:55
I've been digging around out in the shop trying to straighten up a bit and I uncovered a stack of these Romanian single-shot .22 rifles. I got these in a deal from Navy Arms a dozen years back and I've done absolutely nothing with them. Never shot one; never sold one. Until today, I'd never cleaned one. There are nine of them total, but only four are complete. The other five are missing bolts and rear sights. APEX has got the complete bolt assemblies for $50 but I'm not sure the rifles are worth the investment. At least a couple of them were apparently stripped due to bore condition. You can see where someone along the way stacked up a few shots behind a squib that lodged in the bore. I may punch cosmolene from the remaining barrels and see just how many are worth rebuilding, picking the better stocks, etc and just throw away the rest.

I haven't seen many of the single-shots around although the 5-shot repeaters were a favorite for suppressor builds. I've still got two integrals in the rack and I know I sold a couple others back when I was a dealer. They seemed to be decent rifles,......the single-shots are 10-15yrs earlier and much better quality. I just don't know what to do with them. They're as long as and almost as heavy as a Garand and I just can't see going through the bother of selling/shipping them. I see a couple on GB now asking $200-$300.

Here's the nice one on GB and it's got the same fixed rear sight that mine have(or don't have from the empty dovetail slot).


This second rifle has the adjustable rear sight. Several of mine are grooved for it, but the sight itself is missing. APEX has those too, but they're missing the clamp screw and height adjusting thumbscrew. Add another $35+ for the incomplete sight. Don't know if anyone has developed a set of scope rings to fit the groove, but being 10+ years since the rifles were available I'm not too hopeful.


January 19, 2014, 11:15
Personally I think they have some major flaws compared to an actual 22 SS target rifle.

The extractor is at 12 O Clock ejecting the shells right into the scope, assuming you have one.
And if you have a scope you need to drill and tap for a mount.
Plus the wing safety will hit the scope.

The handle/locking lug doesn't have much bearing on the bolt body and is usually pretty sloppy.

Trigger, ugh.

Stout receiver, but with it's other shortcomings why bother?
Unless you have an army of conscripts to train with open sights.


RG Coburn
January 20, 2014, 15:56
A friend gave me one of those when they were floating around. Mine has a more adjustable rear sight,that slides fore and aft,and has windage adjustment.Same everything else. I got no complaints with it,in fact,its about the fastest shooting single shot you'll find.Just drop the round in the receiver,and it feeds right in as fast as you can shut the bolt.And its accurate.Feels alot like a full sized rifle,because of the heavy barrel.I would think you get get over a hundred a piece all day long.Maybe more. Great trapline/coon hunting rifle. Great "kill-that-thing-on-the-porch" rifle. It will eat anything below a 22 magnum.
If its worth anything...I had a Romy .22 with the 5 shot mag,and sold it,in favor of keeping this one.

January 20, 2014, 18:33
I got 2 about 12 years ago, 1 for each of my boys for their 1st rifle. Bot fired and ejected fine as a single shot but wouldent feed with the mag at all. Tried new mags in both still wouldent work properly. Finally sold them both to a guy that sold gun parts who was gonna stip them down for parts. wasnt woth the hassle as far as I was concerned. OOPS! wrong rifle I misread the post got it confused with the mag fed Romy..