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September 04, 2013, 09:32
Stopped in to visit a friend's gun shop today. I had a store credit for a rifle he sold for me...so I bought this Stevens Model 416 .22 lr bull barreled target rifle. No US or Ordnance Bomb so its a civilian model. The US Military used them during WWII as basic marksmanship trainers.


The gun shop was on the way to meet someone to look at and maybe buy a Springfield Omega 10mm with 6" Ported Barrel. By the serial number it looks like Springfield used one of their National Match frames. The gun looks almost new in the box.


September 04, 2013, 20:45
Two great acquisitions!

The NM prefix on a Springfield pistol, however, doesn't stand for National Match. (Well, it can, but only if "National Match" were also noted on the box.)
Springfield's 1911s are built on forged frames produced by Imbel in Brazil. If a frame is almost entirely completed before it's imported, I believe the SN is given an N prefix. If it's imported in a less finished state and the final machining is done here in the US, it is given the NM prefix. (At least, this applies to TRPs, ROs, Loadeds, etc...I'm assuming it applies to the Omega as well.)
So while no Springfield 1911s are completely "Made in America," your NM is closer to it than others.

I love old military training .22's--a lot of those are <i>still</i> outstanding shooters!

September 04, 2013, 22:34
then Springfield Customer Service gave me. They confirmed it did not mean National Match.

I know about the IMBEL made frames that Springfield uses. The popular XD series of polymer guns are made in Croatia...

Springfield has some nice guns made for them.

I'll have to scan it in but in the package of paperwork that came with the gun was a 1988 Catalog; showing two different models of a G3 and 4 different FALS.

Timber Wolf
September 05, 2013, 08:21
Wow, two guns I would have bought myself. I have a real soft spot for old .22 rifles with peep sights. And a long barreled 1911 in 10mm would have come home with me too.