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August 13, 2013, 20:46
How much can a 98 Mauser receiver be relieved for a turn-down bolt? I'm piecing one together and have a couple of bolts with handle already turned down, but they hit on the receiver. So I looked on an old working gun I have and it looks like somebody notched it out with a grinder, but it shoots fine.

August 14, 2013, 07:02
There is no problem grinding away a small part of that area receiver. Other than providing some steel to mount the trigger and the action screw, it does little more than guide the bolt and provide metal to bed to the stock. If it were my rifle, I would first be reshaping the bolt though - maybe a cut and weld job is in order.

August 14, 2013, 12:02
Yes you can grind the metal of the receiver, and don't forget the stock too, so the bolt will lay flat and the locking lugs fully engage. That is how it is done. Are you planning on scoping the rifle or just want more pleasing lines? There are many (*'s out there and some aren't in good shape or have been butchered by gun tinker's beyond repair, be careful and have a competent gunsmith who is completely familiar with Mausers inspect it. Especially if you change to a different bolt other than the one the rifle came with. Headspace is different gun to gun.
Also, there are hidden dangers in 98's, they have case hardened seats, the inner ring as it's called, Sometimes they are set back and with out taking the barrel off can't be detected. A good indicator of that is fire a shell and the bolt handle won't go up so you can remove the case. This happens on guns that have gone past their usefull life. The bolt lugs actually set the steel back where they rest and you have to cam back over the hump as it were to open them. Good luck

August 15, 2013, 05:34
I'm going scoped. My eyes don't focus like they used to. Any recommendations on mounts? One piece, two piece, side mounts? Why?

August 15, 2013, 08:17
If you are going to mount a scope, you will need to reshape the bolt handle, or use stupidly high scope rings. There are lots of youtube videos of working on Mausers to make sporters out of them - you should take a look at a bunch of them. While I do not have any actual Mausers that have had the bolt modified for scope use, I do have a couple 1903A3 that have, and that rifle is essentially a Mauser action. I just looked at them and neither of them have any of the receiver ground away for added bolt rotation (which in any case will be limited by the locking lugs) but do have a modified bolt handle. Just saying that your bolt handle is bent does not mean it was bent for scope clearance - you need to be more clear about that.

August 15, 2013, 16:20
Why don't you post a picture of your project rifle and we can see what you have so far. You must grind the rear bridge to fit most decent scope mounts made to fit the 98. There is the B Square that is a different sort but you should really get a Brownell's catalog to see everything available. I prefer 2 pc. Leupold for their sculpted appearance but a 1 piece is just as good. the windage screws provide the necessary adjustment for some Vari X 2's and other scopes with little range in them. You must have some serious gunsmithing skills to grind a rear receiver and necessary tools to either forge a bolt handle down or weld a new one on.
Do you posses these skills? If not I suggest you find an old JC Higgin's or Sears and use that. All the hard work is done and not everyone on Gunbroker is aware that they had Fn make their commercial version of a 98. I have seen more butchered Mauser 98's and their variants than I would like to. Back in the surplus gun era before the 68 GCA everyone thought they were gunsmiths and a lot of butchering went on. To achieve a properly finished 98 today well, it is cheaper to go and buy a Mark X or any of the clones that have sprouted up. Don't mean to rain on your project, but if you had the necessary skills you wouldn't be asking the questions. If you are intent on doing it I will share the wisdom and procedures to do it right.

August 15, 2013, 18:55
Re; scope mounts

A one-piece is more ridged and easier to keep the rings aligned. Some say it strengthens the receiver and promote better accuracy. Don't know about that, but it sounds good. A one-piece also bridges the area that feeds and extracts the cartridges, thus making it harder for big fat fingers to stuff cartridges into the magazine. :redface:

My Bolt rifles have "two-piece" mounts and the Leupold's mentioned by nearmissis is a good choice.

I have several Mauser rifles. No metal is ground away on the receiver to allow clearance of a Bolt handle.
Here is a Brownell's DIY to bend a Bolt handle to work with a scope. I like to do my own work on firearms, but this job goes to the pros'.


August 15, 2013, 19:38
Not sure if worthwhile to build a mauser anymore unless you already have an action already. Surplus is getting expensive, by the time you get it done, you spend more then a nice commercial rifles. I built 4 mausers and still have 3 actions and wonder why the trouble. It is fun project for sure.

August 15, 2013, 20:41
I'll try to get my daughter to show me how to load pictures.